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15 Best Password Managers to Keep your Account Secure

Safeguarding your security on the internet is the most important thing to which one should always give priority to. This is because as the access to the internet is increasing, the number of hackers is also increasing day by day who hack your personal data and misuses

120+ Ultimate Windows 8 Official HD Wallpapers for Free Download

Windows 8 is the latest addition to the successful generation of operating systems that Microsoft is so famous for producing. The operating systems produced by Microsoft have developed from being just simple operating systems to one of the most efficient and great operating systems in the market!

50 Most Beautiful Windows 8 Wallpapers

Windows 8 is finally here. Many peoples are rushing into the stores for their own copies and some are still battling with their decision. According to Microsoft, It is the most advanced Operating system of all time. If you are still in fear of facing the complexities

What You Should Know About Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

Microsoft is trying to fulfill their promise of offering a better computing with windows 8. Many users have updated their system with windows 8 and some are still struggling with their choice. Many users avoid to use the new version in fear of the complex upgrading procedure,

35 Cool Free Windows 7 Themes You Might Want to Try

Windows 7 Themes are one of the best feature which I like the most in Windows 7 operating system. There are plenty of good windows 7 themes available on the internet today but which are the best, after trying a number of themes on my PC I

How to Lock a USB drive or Pen drive?

USB Flash drives are one of the easiest way to transfer data. But what happens when you lost your USB drive which has some important files which you don’t want to share. Or forget your USB on your office desk and worried about the data that you

Xbox 360 to Get Internet Explorer 9 With Integrated Support for Kinect

With windows 8 going high, the tech-company want to make a big move or their Xbox 360 and Kinect technology. In addition to the supposed Kinect Play Fit bundle that is thought to make stronger influence on Kinect’s fitness and good proficiency, the tests are being conducted

How To Make The Hibernation Work Better in Windows Vista, XP and 7

With the increasing pressure of work and shortage of time, new generation is becoming hastier than ever. Most of the time we try to find shortcuts for the tasks we do, whether it’s some manual job to be done, or some technical. Same is with the case

Best Window’s Alternate for Netbooks

Buying a costly and latest laptop is still not that much easy to be affordable for everyone, especially for the students who desperately need to keep a laptop for net surfing and project making. In that case, most of the buyers will want to buy a light

Microsoft Windows 8 [Review]

  With the increasing popularity of Apple iPad, the old concept of laptops and gadgets is going to be changed this year. Microsoft has been quite efficient throughout the history of technology so how can it be going down now. The windows 8 based latest tablets are