With the increasing popularity of Apple iPad, the old concept of laptops and gadgets is going to be changed this year. Microsoft has been quite efficient throughout the history of technology so how can it be going down now. The windows 8 based latest tablets are on the way to be the biggest arrival of 2012.

The Beta Windows 8 is coming soon along with copies of Windows 8 tablets. We have already got few at CES 2012.

The Windows 8 reviews showed up the latest and bright interface of upcoming tablets as we have seen in Windows 7 phones which are called Metro.

Microsoft head Julie Larson-Green has stated that experience would be fluid, fast and dynamic. It is transformed keeping the flexibility and power of Windows unbroken.  As we all know that iPad have some limitation as it is somewhat different from Windows so we can expect a powerful experience ahead through Microsoft Window 8 Tablets.

The latest user interface is manufactured based at touch screen technology but it can also go smooth with keyboard and mouse for those who find it more comfortable. The Microsoft owners say that their approach is out of compromises. The users can adopt the device and accessories of their own ease and choice. It will work at their priorities. It is surely the inspiration for new generation who cannot afford any limitation for their access. It will be a whole new PC experience coming around the world. So are we going to assume that it was easy for Microsoft to push forward such amazing gadget? Of Course not!  They have to go through a big decision of twisting the idea of start menu from previous versions of Windows. In October 2011, Microsoft was invited to talk about the idea of Windows 8 Tablets to be in portrait or Landscape orientation. The demonstrations were done in landscape orientation though. The rumors went around in November 2011 that the ARM version of Win 8 Tablets would not be based on traditional desktop. The rumors also informed us that the Windows 8 is going to lose the start button. We all are familiar with the latest touch-optimized interface which is Orb free but it seems that the Orb is also getting boot from original desktop.

Windows 8 is going to be released in late 2012 though we will have the beta version in end of the February 2012.

Windows 8 Apps Store: Microsoft Windows 8 Review

Windows 8 is application based and it is rumored that the application development will be crawled to the web and a Windows store will launched to purchase apps for Windows 8. The Windows will be coming with many built in or pre installed apps which will handle photos, mail, calendar, videos and music..