Buying a costly and latest laptop is still not that much easy to be affordable for everyone, especially for the students who desperately need to keep a laptop for net surfing and project making. In that case, most of the buyers will want to buy a light and small system that can work like traditional laptops and fulfill all the demands of the customer. Laptops and desktop support a rather strong system but what if there is an economical factor which is resisting you to buy a costly one, you must go for the ‘Net Book’ which provides an excellent alternate of traditional laptops. Net book hardware is definitely not that much powerful as the laptops do have but still they are best if you want it for your studies. It cannot be used for playing those games which require an intensive-processor working. Well, you may play lighter games. Not just games, but also the tasks which need strong working like video editing, will not give good results on netbook. But as our concentration is on having a sufficient gadget for our basic needs like doing office or lab work, project making, record keeping, net surfing, being easy to carry and fast to work, the netbook is a nice choice.

Now the point comes here that such a light gadget must have a light operating system as we are just going to use it for light tasks. Windows (all versions) are quite heavy for netbooks and they make it a bit heavier. That is the reason the netbook user might not be satisfied with its performance. The fault is not there in your gadget; actually it is not made to have such a heavy operating system. There must be a lighter one. Most of the netbooks available in market do have the windows operating system when you buy them. You may get a complex set of features with a Windows operating on netbook, but you might not be satisfied with its performance. The limited processing power of your gadget is being used for undesired windows services rather than functioning with the applications which you need to use.

Here is the solution; you may replace windows with Chrome OS that is specially designed for netbooks. Chrome OS is light, fast and provides a better alternate of windows operating system. There are two other operating systems in your hand which you can use which are jolicloud and Ubuntu. Those are based on Linux and you can get them free at the links above.

The plus point with these operating systems is that you can use them easily as Jolicloud co-exists with windows. Means you don’t need to remove windows from your system; you will install it separately and will be given choice b/w both when booting system. Ubuntu can be experienced without complete installation and it can be booted up from a USB or any external memory.

Note: Replacing either of this operating system is not recommended and you must avoid it. Use it with windows existing on your system.

When giving these operating systems a trial, keep a separate pc by your site in case if you meet some trouble, you can use that one to check an online solution. Keep a backup of your important data and make sure that you have the recovery disk which is relevant while reinstalling windows.