Installing a fax machine at your office or home is a bit costly and challenging task. It leads to a big problem of sending and receiving documents as the fax services are not available, or we can say that we can’t install a fax machine in every office that we own.

If you own a big office full of amenities, then it becomes easy for you to manage your employees in a Wi-Fi environment to send and receive documents using the same fax machine. But, What if you do not have that much budget to afford a fax machine or you are just a startup and want some cost-cutting at the start.

So, To overcome this problem of faxing your documents, the technology experts have come up with quite innovative and best online fax services which are the perfect replacement of these heavy fax machines. These free online fax services work amazingly well as you can send and receive your documents whenever required without any hustle. There are a large number of best online fax services available which you can download for your daily use and send a free fax online.

These online fax services are available for a free trial first, and then you have to pay some price to use them on a regular basis. So, here we are providing you a list of the top and best online fax services which you can download and use them to send a free fax online.

15 Best Online Fax Services to Send a Free Fax Online

15 Best Online Fax Services to Send a Free Fax Online:

  1. eFax

best online fax services

eFax is an amazing online fax service through which you can send and receive your files and documents just like we do in our emails. This online fax service tool syncs with your email address and automatically download your attached files with the email and send a free fax online anytime anywhere.

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  1. FaxFreedom

best online fax services

FaxFreedom is basically used for voicemails due to which it is considered one of the best communication tools since 1996.  This online faxing service tool uses high-tech innovative technology and one can send and receive up to 800 voice mails through this software. Other services include Virtual Office, Unified Messaging, etc.

  1. FaxOrama


This one is quite a simple and easy to use online fax services tool through which you can fax up to one document at a time and those also maximum up to 5 pages. The tool is available online free of cost without any kind of cover page and you maximum up to 2 faxes per day are not chargeable.

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  1. FaxZero

Fax Zero - Send a Free Fax Online

This is another best online faxing service software which works just like FaxOrama. The tool is extremely simple and easy to use. You can send a free fax online document having maximum up to 3 pages.

  1. GotFreeFax

best online fax services

Another amazing and quite easy to use tool is GotFreeFax which is extremely simple having no cover page at all and you can fax up to three pages at a time. The maximum free limit of faxing per day is two faxes per day.

  1. MaxEmail

best online fax services

This amazing online faxing service tool has some really cool features like internet faxing and voice mail messaging, which can be easily sent through your email id. This tool is quite convenient for you to send and receive your documents and files whenever required.

  1. My1Voice

best online faxing services

The new name for eVoice is My1Voice which is an amazing online faxing service tool. This tool basically provides you with an official phone number through which you can answer and do calls, send and receive voice messages and much more. This online faxing tool makes the communication with your clients and employees efficient and effective.

  1. MyFax

MyFax Free online fax

This is another very popular free online fax services which does have a free fax limit but it does not the fax service in the middle of your project and continues with the service by charging $0.10 per page which is the cost of the additional pages add to your project.

  1. Nextiva Fax

Nextiva online faxing service

Nextiva fax works amazingly well as you can send and receive faxes easily whenever required if you have an internet connection with you. This online faxing tool is quite affordable and is extremely easy to use as well. You can even fax your files or documents through emails without any kind of inconvenience of paper jams or system errors.

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  1. PamFax

PAMFAX - send a fax online free

PamFax provides you with a free fax number and free fax up to the maximum of three pages. The best thing is that the signing up for this tool is totally free of cost and it is quite easy to use as well.

  1. Pop Fax

Pop Fax

This free online fax tool is the most demanded when it comes to best online fax services. It is actually the global leader in the online fax service industry. Through this tool, you can send and receive online fax messages which in turn will increase the productivity of your business.

  1. RingCentral Fax

RingCentral Fax

RingCentral Fax is also an amazing and best online fax tool. The best feature apart from sending and receiving fax online is that it provides some really cool plans regarding the fax services for all types of businesses whether small, medium or large. These pricing plans are quite affordable and attractive as well.

  1. ScanR

ScanR fax services

ScanR is basically a digital scanner and online fax software which you can use whenever required. You can also use the tool on your Smartphone as well and share them with your clients.

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  1. Send2Fax

best online fax services

This is also an amazing free online fax tool through which you can send and receive your fax documents online whenever required which in turn will save your time, money and of course paper.

  1. Smartfax


This is one of the best online fax services that allows you to sync your email with your fax number so that you can easily send and receive fax messages online through your email address.

So, these are the best online fax services which will actually save your time, money and paperwork. Download them today.