With windows 8 going high, the tech-company want to make a big move or their Xbox 360 and Kinect technology. In addition to the supposed Kinect Play Fit bundle that is thought to make stronger influence on Kinect’s fitness and good proficiency, the tests are being conducted in the lab for testing a modified edition of Internet Explorer 9 on the Xbox 360 console.

As reported from different sources, the company’s newly invented Internet explorer 9 together with having support for Xbox 360 will be quite functional as compared to the desktop edition. That sounds great! And there is no top-secret that Microsoft wants its console as the technology for the future and capture over the gaming market on complete average. Microsoft’s wants its console to be a complete system for entertainment having the ability of game play, browsing and other things that will be introduced in the upcoming. All under one hood!

A deep combination will be found between Kinect gestures (motion controls) and voice command control together with the ability to surf the web. At the same time as the IE 9 browser is solely designed to be compatible with Kinect sensor

To tell you a fact, the mighty Apple iPad has been recently praised for its superior web browsing experience, and at the same time as the Microsoft Xbox 360 will by no means be able to contend with reference to portability, but however this new integrated IE browser will sure be admired by many because of the convenience that it will offer to its users.

Now with the new internet surfing capability together with a bundle of improvements and upgrades are projected to be made available at the E3 conference 2012, while the second half of this year is reserved for the Sony PlayStation that still holds the 1st spot as a game console. Microsoft will soon be able to cash their investments made on Kinect which is about to hit the market with more added features.