iPad 2’s screen resolution makes it an ideal device for, basically, a portable PC and with its high-quality display Apple is known for implementing into their products, reading news should be crystal clear. With the number of publications that offer quality news coverage, it can be difficult to narrow down which source is the best. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best iPad 2 news apps.

Best iPad 2 News Apps

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10. USA Today: Best iPad 2 News Apps

USA Today Best iPad 2 News Apps

As its name suggests, USA Today reports on anything intriguing in terms of news regarding the United States of America. Key features are:

  • Numerous categories
  • Sports news
  • Watch tech reviews

9. The Wall Street Journal:

The Wall Street Journal

Renowned for its high quality news coverage, The Wall Street Journal’s iPad 2 application delivers some of the best news quality a reader will come across. Features include:

  • Video feature
  • Save articles
  • WSJ radio

8. Pulse News: Best iPad 2 News Apps

Pulse News

Being quite a unique application, Pulse News sees the deliverance of news in a way that makes ways for fun reading from readers. Features are:

  • Evernote support
  • Read it later
  • Share stories on Facebook and Twitter

7. Newsweek: Best iPad 2 News Apps

Already being a highly respected publication, Newsweek has made a transition onto Apple’s iPad 2 via a digital version of the magazine with features including:

  • Award-winning reporting
  • Renowned writers
  • Two free samples

6. CNET: Best iPad 2 News Apps

CNET Best Tech News

If you’re one to keep updated with the latest scientific breakthroughs and the newest technologies, CNET delivers exactly that with features entailing:

  • Your favorite CNET blogs, including Crave, Green Tech, and the Cutting Edge
  • On-demand and live video
  • Photo galleries

5. TechPort:


A hugely respected technology publication, TechPort deliver one of the highest quality news website available. Features for the iPad 2 app include:

  • Synchronize news for offline use
  • Gaming news included
  • Simplistic navigation

4. Wired Magazine:

WIRED Magazine

Condé Nast Digital-owned Wired Magazine, the publication has built a reputation on solid news reporting for a good few years now. Key features for the app are:

  • Exclusive pieces
  • Up-to-date news
  • Video support

3. Flipboard: News for our time

Known for being one of the highest visited websites relating to the technology available on the Internet, Flipboard delivers various features such as:

  • Daily stream of news
  • Engadget podcast
  • Commenting support

2. NYTimes: Best iPad 2 News Apps

The New York Times

The New York Times has been an integral segment of the deliverance of news for over a decade now. Features for the well-known publication includes:

  • Multimedia features
  • Slide-shows included
  • Save articles

1. BBC News: Best iPad 2 News Apps

BBC News

Renowned for its detailed, accurate and quality coverage, BBC News is arguably the finest application available on the iPad 2 for reading news. Features entail:

  • Stories based on geographical region
  • Various news categories
  • Video coverage