USB Flash drives are one of the easiest way to transfer data. But what happens when you lost your USB drive which has some important files which you don’t want to share. Or forget your USB on your office desk and worried about the data that you save on your USB pen drive. So, How to Lock a USB drive?

How to Lock a USB drive For Window Users

USB Disk Manager is a small Windows program that can help you manage the permissions of USB drives. The portable app doesn’t need to be installed and can be run from a folder on your hard drive or from a USB flash drive. Once you launch USB Disk Manager, you’ll see four options in the left pane. Lets Discuss How to Lock a USB drive with USB Disk Manager.

Write protect

Make your USB removable disk secure by write protecting them. This way not only the other users can not copy data from your machine to their removable disks, but you can also avoid spreading of the viruses from the their machines to your USB removable disks.

File Execution Control

Make your system secure by denying execution access from the removable disks. This way no application can be run from these removable devices, thus making your system more secure to the common viruses spread through USB disks.

Disable USB

Disabling USB will keep your system from reading from or writing to USB drives. USB drives won’t even show up in Windows. If you don’t want others from copying files to or from your system, this is the setting to use.

The last option in USB Disk Manager allows you to turn on some additional settings, Most of the virus exploits the Windows Autorun feature to automatically run as the new USB Disks are plugged-in to the system. You can shield your system against most of the viruses by simply disabling the Autorun for the executable files on the USB disks.

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That’s it. Keep in mind that if you already have USB disks plugged into a USB port when you run USB Disk Manager, your changes won’t take effect until they’re reconnected.