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16 Best eCard Sites to Send Free Birthday Cards Online

A birthday is the most important day in any person’s life and getting the best wishes on your special day is like the cherry on the cake. With the rapid change in technology, the idea of sending birthday wishes has also changed. Now, Instead of buying a

12 Best Sites for Checking Duplicate Content

When one says that the Internet is the best place to be looking up for knowledge and spreading them, I would rather say the Internet also has many other purposes. Have you ever thought that where does these information that you love to see comes from? Who

Facebook ‘Year in Review’ Page for You and Your Friends

First Twitter has introduced the twitter’s 2012 year in review service for its users to give them best moments of tweets from 2012 and then Google introduced Zeitgeist 2012: year in review for its users revealing the world’s most popular people, events, and media of 2012. Now,

Now You Get to Share More Interactive Content with the Expanded Tweets on Twitter [Update]

Yesterday, twitter updated its tweet system to expand it further for letting people share more interactive content than before. Through this feature, we can now do more previews, insert images and video clips. The director of Twitter’s product team, Mr. Michael Sippey mentioned the below statement in

Apple Hits Samsung and Android Hard at WWDC

This year’s WWDC was a big hit for Apple fans. As, we were expecting huge introductions from the company, as it was rumored, that Apple will announce a non-iOS hardware device (s) and we definitely saw it at this event. Together with the large, somewhat pricey, and

Google Will Introduce a Nexus Tablet This Year, According to an Anonymous ASUS Spokesperson

No doubt, Apple’s iPad has remained to be the king of all tablets and the best selling product in the history.  So far, I agree with this fact as there haven’t been Android tablets or any other slate competing against Apple’s iPad and winning the tablet race.

Facebook to Disappear in 2020 ?

Say goodbye to Facebook in 2020, according to an analyst: Facebook has earned big reputation in the past and even today it is considered to be the top social media site ever in the history of internet. But what we are hearing now is that Facebook will

Facebook to Buy for a Whopping $100 Million [Rumor]

As reported, there are rumors surfacing about the Facebook deal with (Face Recognition Company) for a whopping amount of $80-$100 million. This point’s to the possibility that Facebook will apply the face recognition technology to automatically tag the friends in your images and eliminate the need

Lady Gaga Video Game 2012 [Rumor]

Hey rumor lovers; here is another hot rumor for you to munch, especially for Lady Gaga’s fan club. The top most entertaining character Lady Gaga is about to appear in a video game. WOW! The rumor is that Lady Gama game is going to be developed via

Xbox 360 to Get Internet Explorer 9 With Integrated Support for Kinect

With windows 8 going high, the tech-company want to make a big move or their Xbox 360 and Kinect technology. In addition to the supposed Kinect Play Fit bundle that is thought to make stronger influence on Kinect’s fitness and good proficiency, the tests are being conducted