Microsoft is trying to fulfill their promise of offering a better computing with windows 8. Many users have updated their system with windows 8 and some are still struggling with their choice. Many users avoid to use the new version in fear of the complex upgrading procedure, especially XP users, which still used by a large number of windows lovers. Although, the procedure to upgrade is very fast and easy with the assistance of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Upgrade Program.

You can download the automated helping tool from the company website. But, it is better to download it before you go for the upgrading procedure. You have to run the tool and enable it to scan your complete system including softwares, hardware connected, applications, devices and so on. It is recommended to connect all your hardware devices with the computer before you run that tool. Connect every device you generally use like Wireless router, printer, monitor, gaming consoles, TV etc.

In this way the tool will automatically find all the software and hardware requirements of your system and the connected devices. It will give you a complete report of applications and devices which will work on windows 8 and you have to remove or uninstall the rest. You can make a hard copy of the report for confirmation. But, if you are a windows 7 user then you don’t have to do any system scan because, windows 8 has the similar system requirements to win 7.

However, the Upgrade Assistant will give you a complete report of requirements and compatibility. Here are the minimum system requirements for Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant:

PROCESSOR: 1 GHz or higher processor supporting SSE2, NX and PAE.
DirectX 9 graphics processor supporting WDDM driver
Internet access

The tool also scans for other windows 8 features like Secure Boot, Store, Multi-touch and Snap etc. It will scan your system and give you an option to download the window when your computer is ready. There are three available versions : Windows 8, Pro and RT. The tool automatically suggests you the right one for your system.

You have to pay $39.99 for Windows 8 Pro and you can have the hard copy of it at $69.99. You can contact technical support if you face any problem with the upgrading.

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