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5 Iconic Board Games You Can Still Love

“Great games lubricate the body and the mind,” Benjamin Franklin once remarked. Games serve many purposes. Participants experience the drama of competition, sharpen their strategic skills, hone their minds with mental gymnastics … And best of all, they are fun! Most of us can recall the weekly

Top 15 Best iPad 2 Games

The iPad 2’s screen, as well as design alone should result in an enjoyable gaming experience for all groups of users. With the iPad’s success in regards to games, its successor has mirrored the same effect with its users. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top

20 Best Puzzle Games for iPhone or iPad

credit: Flickr Apple’s iTunes is the home to, literally, hundreds of thousands of games. One such category which is popular to the iPhone/iPad’s successor is undoubtedly puzzle. With thousands of games based on puzzle, iPhone/iPad owners are spoilt for choice regarding the best ones available. Voiceable has compiled a

Top 6 Best iTunes Approved Casino Apps for iPhone

The IPhone has achieved a remarkable success in the gambling industry in less than four years since it was unveiled by its mighty creator – Apple. Designed as a unique multimedia smart phone device, iPhone established himself as an instant hit among all those „where ever you

Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Football Games

Football has become second nature to various nations. Once the smartphone market eclipsed into the behemoth it stands to be today, games based on the sport came into fruition and shortly after, tablets were getting a piece of the action too. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of

Top 10 Best Free Android Games

The quantity of games that Apple’s iPhone app store features is remarkable. With the Android now taking some of the iPhone’s market share, the amount of developers creating games for the platform is an ever increasing aspect for Google’s operating system. With the amount of games available,

Dragon’s Dogma Xbox Game [Review]

The RPG action game by Capcom: “Dragon’s Dogma” is one of the most interesting games I have ever played in my life. It has vigorous action-oriented gameplay and a pioneering Pawn method that allows a player to recruit avatars made by others who are playing to fight

Sniper Elite V2 [Review]

World-war II game was a big hit in the history of shooting/action games. After the release of World-War II we needed something to refresh and now we have Sniper Elite V2 for a great shooting experience. Pros Real-life bloodlust Enjoyable and creative multiplayer modes Nice features Fabulous

Grand Slam Tennis II [Review]

Those who have gone through the experience of playing Grand Slam Tennis when it was firstly released, it presented like a cartoony sort of graphics. EA sports games have been quite famous for their professional looks and serious gameplay so it was a bit low than its

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Game [Review]

The PC version of Mincecraft game was a big hit for game lovers who are fond of playing 3D adventuress games. It is a very adventuress game to play on computer and now we have it on our Xbox: 360 edition console. In this game you have