A birthday is the most important day in any person’s life and getting the best wishes on your special day is like the cherry on the cake. With the rapid change in technology, the idea of sending birthday wishes has also changed. Now, Instead of buying a card from gift shop people prefer to send eCards to their loved ones which are free of cost through the best eCard sites.

These Ecards are of high quality which includes animated cards, voice cards and much more, which will surely bring a smile on the faces of your loved ones. There are a lot of best eCard sites which are offering a wide variety of free birthday cards for your friends, relatives, parents, siblings, and lover as well. These free eCard sites give you an option to customize your card according to your requirements. You can send such eCards through any social media app whether it’s the usual email or Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram which will, in turn, make the birthday person delightful and happy.Best eCard Sites

You can easily download these eCards, or you can even directly share it from the website. Sending such eCards is quite comfortable, hassle-free and you need to browse the site, then select the category of people you want to send, and that’s it. So, here we are providing you with a list of 16 Best eCard Sites which will help you to send free birthday cards to your favorite people and make their day even more special.

16 Best eCard Sites to Send Free Birthday cards online:-

  1. 123 Greetings

123 Greetings offers you a wide variety of Ecards for any kind of occasion whether its birthday, anniversary, friendship day, mother’s day, etc. This site provides you with the best birthday cards which you can send online and make your loved ones feel special because a birthday is always incomplete without a beautiful birthday wish. You just need to log on to the Best eCard Sites and just select the category of card you want to send. Sending Ecards through this site is totally free.

  1. Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain provide you some extremely beautiful and interesting Ecards especially the birthday ones. The cards available on the website are of a really high quality which includes animated cards as well. Here you will find all kinds of birthday wishes depending upon the category of a person like Interactive birthday wishes, Spiritual birthday wishes and even talking Ecards as well. You can even set a reminder on the website of the birthday date and then select the e-card you want to send and the website automatically sends your e-card on the entered date.

  1. Funny Ecards

As the name suggests, this website provides you a great variety of funny Ecards for all types of occasions which in turn will make your favorite person smile. The Ecards available on the website are totally free of cost. This is one of the Best eCard Sites provides you the daily featured Ecards on the website so that you can select one of them or you can even browse your category of Ecard as well and direly send or share it with the concerned person.

  1. Send Free Ecard

This website is specially designed for sending the best online birthday cards to your near and dear ones. It also provides you an option to get your card customized as well and you can even add pictures and videos with your Ecard. You just need to sign up on the website and then enter the date of the birthday of your loved one for reminder purpose. You have an option to email, print or even post your Ecard on Facebook as well.

  1. Cross Cards

Cross cards provide you with some amazing Ecards especially the birthday ones. You can send your Ecards through email, Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. All you need to do is to make your account on the website through your email or any other social networking site and search for your required Ecard. Apart from providing online birthday cards, this site also provides beautiful Ewallpapers, Facebook Covers, and many other Ecards for other occasions as well.

  1. Greeting Island

This website is actually amazing. Apart from providing Ecards for almost every occasion, this website also gives you an option to send an Invitation for your birthday as well. You can either make am personalized invitation or card or select out of those given on the website. E-cards can be sent through email and you can even print them or you can download and save them in PDF form. This site also provides the option of creating personalized Ecalenders as well.

  1. Ecard Funny

Ecard Funny provides you a wide variety of quite funny and animated Ecards which are totally free and will surely make your loved ones laugh. Apart from online birthday cards, it also provides you online cards for occasions under the categories like Holidays, Love and Romance, Friendship, Celebrations and Events, Support and Comfort, etc. Further, they are sub dived into various categories like the birthday cards include Terrific birthday, special birthday, Exciting birthday, etc.

  1. Funny Greetings

Funny Greetings is another great website to send funny Ecards to your loved ones on their special day. This website gives you the immense option of Ecards under various categories like birthday cards, Friendship cards, holiday cards, funny greetings or funny cards. You just need to make an account on the website and browse for your category of card that you want to send online.

  1. Birthday- Cards

Birthday-Cards is an all in all Best eCard Sites for sending online birthday cards to your near and dear ones so that their birthday becomes even more special. This website provides you a huge variety of birthday cards for all kind of people like Dad, Mom, Girlfriend, any Kid, Friend, etc. You can send a personalized Ecard as well by recording your own birthday wish in your own voice or even a video as well. You also have an option to send a thank you message for those who wished you on your birthday which will be a reply Ecard. All you have to do is just sign up, search and send your best Ecard.

  1. American Greetings

American Greetings is another great website which also provides of variety of greeting cards which can easily share and send online to your loved ones so that they may feel more special. This website provides you cards of classic nature with beautiful phrases and quotes which can melt anybody’s, heart.

  1. My Fun Cards

My Fun Cards is the Best eCard Sites to send the best birthday Ecards. You can even customize your cards according to your requirement. Apart from birthday cards, this site also has other Ecards as well like Love and Dating, Holidays, Invitations, Care and Concern, Special Occasions, Thank You and Friendship. You can just sign up through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ and share your Ecards.

  1. Care2

This is one of the best Ecards websites one could ever experience providing you a wide variety of online cards like Birthday, Festivals, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Religious, fun and games, etc. The Best eCard Sites also features on its front page, The Card of The Day on daily basis. So, as the website suggests, make your loved ones smile and spread it like an epidemic.

  1. 365 Greetings

365 Greetings is a Best eCard Sites where you can send free Ecards to your loved ones anytime anywhere. You can send your birthday wishes either by SMS, email and even Facebook. You can even create your own Ecard and upload the same on the website with images and videos attached to it. This site also provides you with free wallpapers and printable cards as well for almost all kinds of occasions.

  1. Regards

Sending the Best eCard on this website is quite easy and accessible. You just have to follow five simple steps to send an Ecard to your friends or any family member. First, you need to make an account, then select the birthday Ecard you want to send, thirdly, enter the personal details of the receiver like email ID or username, then you can invite as many people as you can if your Ecard is an invitation and then lastly send your Ecard.

  1. Free Ecards Online

This website provides you an exclusive range of birthday Ecards and for other occasions as well. Almost all the Ecards on this website are feasible and compatible with all types of devices like Mobile phones, computers, laptops, and Ipads. The Best eCard Sites are designed by renowned artist and the work is 100% original.

  1. Some Ecards

This is one of the most popular websites of Best eCard Sites. The Ecards available on this site especially the birthday cards are kind of quite unique and beautiful as compared to the other cards. The quotes and phrases are so amazing that they can make anybody’s heart melt. Sign up through Facebook and send the best birthday wishes to your loved ones.