Windows 8 is finally here. Many peoples are rushing into the stores for their own copies and some are still battling with their decision. According to Microsoft, It is the most advanced Operating system of all time. If you are still in fear of facing the complexities then you will never know until you go for a try. There are plenty of transformation packs are available for XP, Vista and windows 7. You can directly upgrade your existing Windows X by using Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant.

The company says it is the most intelligent software program and a huge software giant. With the increasing popularity of the new release, Windows 8 Wallpapers also get hit on the internet. Designers are coming up with stunning wallpapers daily, unofficial sites are working to produce a new piece. All these movements encouraged us to search for the Most Beautiful Windows 8 Wallpapers.

Christmas is just ahead and you could be possibly planning to decorate your home, then why not to start with your desktop. Have a look on Voiceable’s awesome collection of  wallpapers:

How to download Windows 8 Wallpapers: To download your desired image, right click on the wallpaper and save it by opening it in a new window.