Navigation Systems, GPS, was any of this even in the minds of people who belonged to the earliest civilizations? At times The thought that nowadays we need tracking systems, navigation ones to find out places in a city and the people belonging to the ancient civilizations discovered other civilizations at that age. If we think about the condition that our ancestors lived and thrived there, it gives me shivers. My ancestors, our ancestors! We are not even sure of the race that we belong? Asians? Mongoloids? Or The Aryans? All these races mixed up. Everyone went here and there. Every Person knew the routes and that too without any systems. This was thousands and hundreds of years ago. This was before any discovery made by the Humans that would allow them to navigate.

There was nothing at those times that could be used as an instrument to get you through the rugged terrain, the blazing desert or the dangerous seas. When the people had to find out the routes they had explicitly to depend on the sun and the stars to find themselves the routes that they had to take. Even the thought of such hardships makes us feel for them and yet at the same time realize the greatness and the intelligence that they possessed. They depended on the direction of winds for movement in the seas. Thus now you can get a slight hint of the strenuous job that the Mesopotamians and the Indus Valley people had done to make connections to each other.

Android GPS Apps

But thanks to all the genius brains of this period that this has changed in the recent times. Firstly you do not need to go to distant places to interact with the people. Secondly, finding places are no more difficult owing to the android applications that provide effective GPS tracking in case you are lost. All you need to do is that type in the name of the place that you want to go and these applications will give you the direction to the places.

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Android has picked up its pace in the smart phone market so much that it’s now taking Apple’s market share with their iPhone. The difference with Google’s operating system is several manufacturers are utilizing Android for their phones, leading to a quantity of user-base surpassing that of Apple’s iPhone. Google already has Google Earth, as well as their market-leading Google Maps, so there’s no surprise GPS applications have made its way onto Android. The Android GPS applications provide the navigation to you with the names of the streets, buildings and major landmarks.

Top 8 Best Free Android GPS Apps:

Sygic : Best Android GPS Apps

Sygic Best Android GPS Apps

Used by millions, Sygic delivers a turn-by-turn GPS navigation system. It’s powered via a voice-guided system which is accompanied with countless TomTom maps. Additionally, the maps and application itself are updated free of charge. Not only that, however; maps are even stored on the Android smart phone for offline use. Other notable features include:

  • 3D cities and landscape
  • Spoken street names
  • Real-time traffic (only available via subscription on Sygic’s site)
  • Dynamic lane guidance
  • Interactive map
  • Speed camera and speed limit display and audio warning
  • Forthcoming speed limit change notifications

Wisepilot : Best Free Android GPS AppsWisepilot Best Android GPS Apps

While its overall features offer everything you’d expect from a GPS Android application, there’s an extremely useful feature which is letting users to manage routes online. This means if you’re planning to commute or have a trip in mind, you can set out the map which the GPS will integrate and show you via the decisions made online, such as where to stop for gas and food. Other features are:

  • Find places nearby any destination
  • Share your places with friends and family via social networking sites or mail and SMS
  • Search for a street address, person, businesses, intersections and specific coordinates
  • Worldwide maps
  • View routes on the map and receive text instructions
  • Five day weather forecast for any chosen location

GPS Essentials : Free Android GPS Apps

GPS Essentials

GPS Essentials is one of the most powerful applications of its kind available. It comes equipped with navigation, managing way points, tracks, routes, as well as building your own dashboard via 45 widgets. Other notable features include:

  • Navigation values included such as: Accuracy, Altitude, Speed, Battery, Bearing, Climb, Course, Date, Declination, Distance, ETA, Latitude, Longitude, Max Speed, Min Speed, Actual Speed, True Speed
  • In-build compass
  • Camera HUD
  • Full internet access to read map tiles
  • Manage routes and view them on the app’s map
  • Import KML files from Google Maps and Google Earth

GPS Phone Tracker: Best Android GPS Apps

GPS Phone Tracker Best Android Apps

Its another Android GPS phone tracker which allows the users to find the location of another device. Other useful features which makes it to include in this list of best Android Apps are:

  • Reliable cellphone tracker
  • Innovative and versatile phone locator
  • Easy phone tracking for friends

Google Maps Navigation

Google Maps Navigation

Google themselves has arguably delivered the best free GPS application for Android that is currently available. A free, voice-guided GPS navigation system is included, as well as:

  • Navigation: Free, voice-guided GPS navigation system
  • Places: Find, rate, and get recommendations for places
  • Users can see their friends on the map and check in at places
  • Search along route
  • Traffic view, Satellite view and Street view
  • Saves map’s data for offline viewing
  • Search by voice for Android GPS Apps

Street View on Google Maps

Street View on Google Maps

With a Google Maps Street View, you can explore the world at street level. See popular landmarks, check out places you want to visit in your hometown or far away, and take a virtual trip around the world. To use Street View, open Google Maps, search for a place or long-press the map, and tap the Street View option. Other important features of this Android GPS app include:

  • Find places nearby destination
  • Search for a street address, person, businesses, intersections and specific coordinates
  • Worldwide maps
  • View routes on the map and receive text instructions
  • Interactive maps

Waze Social GPS Traffic & Gas

Waze Social GPS Traffic & Gas

Waze is a fun, community-based traffic & navigation app, 20 million strong. Plug into the driving community in your area, joining forces with other drivers nearby to outsmart traffic, save time & gas $, and improve everyone’s daily commute. Other notable features for this Android GPS apps include:

  • Community generated real-time traffic and road alerts, including accidents, hazards, police traps, and more.
  • Complete voice-guided navigation.
  • Automatic re-routing as conditions on the road change.
  • Learn your frequent destinations, commuting hours and preferred routes.
  • Find the cheapest gas station on your route.
  • Redeem Wazer-only gas specials at participating gas stations. (Currently in the US only)
  • Meet-up! Share your location/destination and ETA to easily meet up with friends.
  • Join or create groups to share info about your commute.

GPS Route Finder

GPS Route Finder

GPS Route Finder will allows you to find out the location of your friend. Keep GPS Route Finder at your side all day to help you find new places, get to those places, and have a better experience at every step along the way. It’s faster, simpler, and gives you everything you need to get where you’re going in one convenient mobile app. Another feature to include it in best android GPS apps are:

  • Allows users to find nearby hotels, hospitals, restaurants, ATM, Banks and cafe or whatever is nearby.
  • GPS navigation allows users to navigate destination by using directions and search maps
  • Easy to travel around the world and enjoy any method of transportation.