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30 Adorable Animals Twitter Cover Photos

The present world is literally stuck at the doorsteps of the world named social world. The social world has already sent is such deep roots in our system that it is quite difficult for a man or a woman to live a day in his or her

75 Creative Examples of Facebook Timeline Covers

Right at this point of time if I ask the question to you that whether you are there on Facebook or not, it will be really foolish of me to ask that. Literally more that 60% of the population of the world are on the online social

How to Find Unique Social Media Gifts

Shopping for friends can be hard. You can make it a lot easier by recruiting social media to help you make up your mind. Here are several unique social media gifts and tools that can make finding that suitably unique present easier than ever before. Browse Pinterest

Top 3 Health Tips: More Ways to Use Social Media for Better Health

Believe it or not, you can use social media for more than just keeping in touch with your old frat buddies or sorority sisters. You can use it to get healthier. Maybe it’s not as dramatic as eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise, but

Top 15 Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Social Networking Apps

When we speak of social applications then we obviously mean to use them for the purpose of socializing. This is the thing that separates us so very much effectively from the bunch of other animals. It is not that the other animals irrespective of whether they are

How to Get Traffic from Twitter

Twitter is an enormous social media place that contains tons of traffic on a regular basis. Yet, seeing from the viewpoint of a SEO professional, it is more essential that Twitter can help get your website abundance of traffic also. Hence, if you still don’t have an

20 Best Social Networking Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Credit: Flickr Social networking has changed the way we do things in several ways. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has changed the face of the Internet in both technological and social aspects forever, whilst other social networking services such as Twitter provide a lot of options for the iPad 2 in terms

Is Social Media Ruining Your Social Skills? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Now You Get to Share More Interactive Content with the Expanded Tweets on Twitter [Update]

Yesterday, twitter updated its tweet system to expand it further for letting people share more interactive content than before. Through this feature, we can now do more previews, insert images and video clips. The director of Twitter’s product team, Mr. Michael Sippey mentioned the below statement in

How Can You Check Your LinkedIn Password if it Was Compromised or Not?

Do you think your LinkedIn account password is one of those 6.5 million passwords that were compromised last Wednesday? You can check if your LinkedIn password was compromised or not by using the Last Pass secure tool which is a product of LastPass password Management Company. As