Twitter is an enormous social media place that contains tons of traffic on a regular basis. Yet, seeing from the viewpoint of a SEO professional, it is more essential that Twitter can help get your website abundance of traffic also. Hence, if you still don’t have an account on Twitter, go right away and make one.

Twitter can easily be brought into play, since it is truly a prevailing platform. You might want some time to get going with the surroundings and the basic functionalities of Twitter and of several extra things the platform has but you can exploit its full potential, even though you are not very well familiar with it.

Contrasting the majority of the other platforms from where your website can get visitors for free, Twitter is a micro blogging platform, which signifies that there are limitations on the quantity of characters available to be used in a message. Thus, you have to be short and snappy in your Tweets and use the limit sensibly. As well as being to the point, below are a few more tips to help your website get visitors from Twitter:

1. Your Profile should be Attention-Grabbing

To begin with the free traffic receiving campaign you need to make your profile and username interesting so that the visitors get attracted towards it! If your twitter profile appears uninteresting, users won’t bother to go through your tweets and therefore your links to the website won’t be followed! Fill-out your profession, your interests, and all that. You can in addition include some keywords in your bio, so be descriptive in short!

2. Select a Niche-Targeted Username

Your username is also extremely essential. Select such a username that goes well with your niche. Such as, if you are propping up your SEO services and want to get visitors to your SEO website, you can prefer something like SEO professional, SEO expert, and the rest. Your username will appear well when users will search for it.

3. Place Your Website/Blog URL in Your Profile

Keeping a few statistics in mind, 80% of tweeters don’t fill-out a URL in their bio. Such people might not be SEO experts/Internet marketers but you as being a SEO professional should not ignore it. So, you should provide your website’s/blog’s URL in your profile.

4. Socialize More and More

Socialize as much as you can respond to others tweets and be active! In return you’ll get tons of traffic for sure! Remember to be friends with users belonging to your niche and those who have similar interests. And yes tweet regularly but don’t spam!

5. Make the Most of Twitterfeed

Make the most of Twitterfeed, which is another valuable service you can exploit so as to boost your reach. Head over to and organize your feeds.

6. Socialize More with Tweets

When you start taking tweets seriously & socialize more with your followers tweets, reply to them, visit their links. Seriously this thing increase the chances of getting more traffic from Twitter because you followers do the same thing for you too. In Short start actively following those Peoples who follow you.

7. Tweet Regularly

Now this is one of the important thing which you should do on regular basis if you really want to keep your audience, you need to feed it. Whenever you write a tweet its just takes second or two but its a completely different task to keep your followers happy. So, you must post useful things & informative statues or if you post out of your niche that will surely makes loss of traffic & followers as well.

8. Place Twitter Gadgets on Your Website/Blog

There are plenty of Twitter gadgets and more being released day by day. What matters is that your blog guests can turn out to be your Twitter followers. If you have a lot of followers, then you these followers might will observe you and will join your network.

Well these were some tips by which you can get tons of traffic to your website. If you have some ideas about how to get traffic from Twitter do share them below!