Yesterday, twitter updated its tweet system to expand it further for letting people share more interactive content than before. Through this feature, we can now do more previews, insert images and video clips.

The director of Twitter’s product team, Mr. Michael Sippey mentioned the below statement in a blog post:

“You’ve probably expanded tweets before to play videos from YouTube or see photos from Instagram,

 “Now, a diverse and growing group of new partners like the the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC’s Breaking News, and TIME also deliver rich content inside tweets containing a link to those Web sites.”

He took into consideration that when a twitter user expands a tweet message around like a news article from any source, a preview is displayed along with the headline and introduction of the story, and even perhaps the Twitter accounts that belongs to the publisher and the writer are also displayed. Twitter users can now click on that link to read the content or follow an account, respond or punch that tweet as favorite.

Twitter users will also get the ability to view snippets and video clips from a number of television shows.

This must be a big blast for the micro-blogging platform as well as its users will be amazed of this feature.

Analyst with Technology Business Research, Mr. Ezra Gottheil said:

“Easier is better. Faster is better. Less hassle is always better,”

 “A lot of tweets are comments on online content. Making it easier to see [that content] will help the user. And what helps the user, the writer and the reader, helps Twitter.”

Reports have surfaced that twitter is being a less hang around platform for internet geeks residing in the US region. And while the growth of new users on the micro-blogging platform is also moving slowly but at the same time the count of engaged users is increasing.

Study has shown that a total of 8% of Twitter users are keenly engaged with the platform on a normal day, which has shown twice improvement as compared to the reports conducted in May 2011. That is pretty good!  

This new feature is said to bring big enhancements from the user’s point of view. More and more people will now be using Twitter as a platform for sharing common stuff. Users will engage with this platform in a more improved percentage.