Right at this point of time if I ask the question to you that whether you are there on Facebook or not, it will be really foolish of me to ask that. Literally more that 60% of the population of the world are on the online social center with the name on Facebook. Just like the fact that there is no doubt of the fact that most of the people who you know are on Facebook, similarly again, there is also not a single doubt about the statement that the medium of Facebook is used by many people all over the world with the purpose of expressing themselves, getting along with new friends, watching pictures of a completely different place. By doing all these kind of stuffs, the people are actually creating a whole new world for themselves.

This most popular social network site Facebook has more than one billion people registered active users from around the world, who actually do a lot with the surroundings that they live in. More often than not we will find that there are certain people who are born with certain different aspirations in their hearts and end up living a completely different life in reality. This is where Facebook is extremely helpful to most of the people of the world. It allows the creation of a completely new and exclusive world with its own limits, boundaries, duties, etc. All this is achieved with the help of the pictures that they post.

Just like the fact that the pictures are all there in order to be the building blocks of the exclusive world that you have, the cover picture that you are supposed to have on Facebook, also plays a very important part in that game. It is the picture that actually defines the way you are, the kind of things that you believe in, your ideals principals. Well one might think that this is too much for a picture to show, but this is what it does. It is like a vision that completely takes the visitor into the depths of your thoughts!

By the introduction of the Facebook timeline covers in the timeline of the users Facebook make this social networking site more interesting than ever. Because Facebook timeline covers enables the possibility for the users to showcase their inner capabilities and it is rightly said that “creativity is the mother of invention”. There are a lot of designers or web designers from all around the world who wants to showcase their creativity on their profiles and the Facebook timeline covers features gives them an opportunity to showcase their work. Today, We are going to share some of the creative examples of Facebook timeline covers which may blow off your mind!

Creative Examples of Facebook Timeline Covers:

Rusty Holcomb

Jessica Barnard

Eduardo Calvo

Giuseppe Draicchio

Emanuele Bartolomucci

Delphin Hauchard

Robert Falkén

Rodney Hess


Manoj Varghese Mathew

Gianmarco Carrieri

Wasim Mistry

Ace Reston

Aly Moffatt

Scott Lamb

Florim I. Qerimi

Mujtaba Jaffari

Myriam Heneine


Maarten Walraven

Krizel Corpuz

Maurizio Mazzanti

Eyal Shahar

Palici Ciprian

Lanfranco Nantele

Johnny Gigantic

Jeffrey Diana

Louise Lundberg

Arek Wroblewski

Helbert Campos

Graziano Vincini

Jörgen Bröms

Sune Adler Miltersen

Gabriel Masliah

Nagaraj Vijayarangan

Leo Lee

Jerome Vadon

Rafa Ferro

Jay Hershberger

Mohammad L. Azzam

Look At

Oliver Alexander

Jérémy Isshin Bardou

Konrad Dobson

Hampus Engström

Adrián Gabriel Montiveros Rosas

Thorsten Bijl

Arsh Singh

Murat Çizer

Gail David

Bernard Fischer

Giorgio Voulioti

Jeremy Bronson

Rudolfo Nobre

Brian A. Frette

Gabriel Fort

Shaun Falcone

Su Ch

Adam Clark

Fabio Maravilla

Luis Jorsis Perales

Whiteboard Doodles

Sven De Bruyne

Enri Pedernera

Manu Sharma

Krister Nielsen

Cody Cosmo Kelderman

Tom Lambie

Richard Kårström

Ori Hasson

Matthew Inman

Oliver Elsner

Niels Langeveld

Menteş Nihat Baran

Enk Shahbaz Mehdi

Lawson Hembree V

If you think that this list of creative Facebook timeline covers should be modified further with more examples than don’t forget to keep in touch with us by using the comment section below!