iPad is used by millions of businesses; such is Apple’s device’s popularity that the iOS-powered device has become the norm in running and managing businesses from everything to note taking, scheduling and managing finances. Voiceable has compiled a list of the top 10 iPad 2 applications for small businesses.

10. Doit: Best iPad 2 Small Business Apps

Managing a small businesses’ tasks will be a pivotal role in the running and potential success of the company. Features for Doit, which delivers exactly that, entail:

  • Multiple task entry
  • Drag and drop sorting
  • Note management

9. FileApp Pro: Best iPad 2 Small Business Apps

DigiDNA’s FileApp Pro sees the deliverance of managing files all types of files, as well as several other useful features such as the following:

  • File renaming
  • Creation of folders
  • Text file editing

8. DocScan HD: Best iPad 2 Small Business Apps

DocScan HD – Document Scanner is, currently, the only application which allows users to scan curled or folded documents. Other features include:

  • Upload pages to Facebook
  • Export documents
  • Printing support

7. OfficeDrop: Best iPad 2 Small Business Apps

Pixily’s OfficeDrop is an extremely useful application to scan, search and organize files, PDFs and several other documents. Notable features are:

  • Search function
  • Access paper anywhere
  • Personal email inbox

6. Business Card Manager Lite:

Business Card Manager sees users being able to store and manage business cards by taking photos of them. Notable features include:

  • Tags function
  • Evernote support
  • Thumbnail view

5. Quickoffice: Best iPad 2 Small Business Apps

With Quickoffice, users can access, edit and share files that are of a Microsoft Office format. Features for the application deliver some of the following:

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Access attachments
  • Transfer desktop files

4. Teambox: Best iPad 2 Small Business Apps

Teambox sees the deliverance of an organization-like application that effectively simplifies one’s work. Features for the iPad 2 application are:

  • Cloud sync
  • Task management
  • File sharing

3. Box: Best iPad 2 Small Business Apps

File-sharing is becoming an ever popular market for businesses with the ease of cloud storage allowing the safe uploading of files and folders. Features for Box entail:

  • View files
  • Share files
  • Upload photos and videos

2. The Recorder: Best iPad 2 Small Business Apps

If you’re running or are a part of a small business then recording audio such as interviews, lectures, etc., is an important aspect. Features for The Recorder deliver:

  • Create, edit and delete
  • High-quality sample rate
  • Infinite timeline

1. Evernote: Best iPad 2 Small Business Apps

Note taking for businesses is an important factor for several reasons. It’s one of the main ways to note down any quick ideas that may have come up, etc. Features for the app are:

  • Sync all notes across computers
  • Create and edit text notes
  • Record voices