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250+ Best Cute Facebook Statuses for Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Image Credit: Flickr Cute Facebook statuses are the great way to brighten up your presence on the world’s number one social networking site Facebook among more than one billion monthly active users. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University students

75 Creative Examples of Facebook Timeline Covers

Right at this point of time if I ask the question to you that whether you are there on Facebook or not, it will be really foolish of me to ask that. Literally more that 60% of the population of the world are on the online social

Top 15 Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Social Networking Apps

When we speak of social applications then we obviously mean to use them for the purpose of socializing. This is the thing that separates us so very much effectively from the bunch of other animals. It is not that the other animals irrespective of whether they are

Facebook ‘Year in Review’ Page for You and Your Friends

First Twitter has introduced the twitter’s 2012 year in review service for its users to give them best moments of tweets from 2012 and then Google introduced Zeitgeist 2012: year in review for its users revealing the world’s most popular people, events, and media of 2012. Now,

150 Best Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

Facebook is the well-known social networking site launched in February 2004, As of September 2012 it has over one billion registered users in which more than half of them uses Facebook on their mobile phones. Facebook timeline is one of the best feature which is added by

What Actually the Facebook App Center is About?

Facebook recently announced its brand new App center for iOS, Android and PC users. But we can’t think of its use since we already have the App store giants like Google and Apple so what’s the use of having a Facebook app center and one question is

Facebook to Disappear in 2020 ?

Say goodbye to Facebook in 2020, according to an analyst: Facebook has earned big reputation in the past and even today it is considered to be the top social media site ever in the history of internet. But what we are hearing now is that Facebook will

3 Facebook Marketing Trends Going High These Days

Facebook has really changed over the time so as the online marketing strategies which are used to promote products and services and to spread the brand awareness. Now we have timeline as we previously had normal profile view. With the introduction of timeline we have many features

Facebook to Buy Face.com for a Whopping $100 Million [Rumor]

As reported, there are rumors surfacing about the Facebook deal with Face.com (Face Recognition Company) for a whopping amount of $80-$100 million. This point’s to the possibility that Facebook will apply the face recognition technology to automatically tag the friends in your images and eliminate the need

Are You a Facebook Power User? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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