Believe it or not, you can use social media for more than just keeping in touch with your old frat buddies or sorority sisters. You can use it to get healthier.

Maybe it’s not as dramatic as eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise, but social media can help you get healthier. Here are three ways it can do this.

1. Healthy discussions

Whether you want to lose weight or discuss an issue you’re dealing with, taking it to the pages of Twitter or Facebook might help. When you engage in healthy discussions online, you’re able to gather more information from a broad variety of sources.

Sure, you have to be careful that the information you’re receiving is valid, but if you’re suffering from a diagnosed condition and find out someone else is experiencing the same, you can share treatment ideas that worked so you can discuss them with your doctor at your next appointment.

2. Support for health issues

Speaking about your health on social media can help you find support for your problems. It works the same way for others.

Perhaps you want to lose weight but find it hard to get motivated. By creating a social media group that your friends, family, and even coworkers can join, you’ll receive support and encouragement for your efforts.

This allows you to plan group activities such as 5K runs, fun runs, or exercise challenges for the week. When you that you’re not in it alone, you’re more likely to experience positive change.

3. Sharing health tips

Social media is a great resource for trading healthy tips and recipes. You can share healthy recipes with your friends, use their recipes at home, and even share home remedies to get over a migraine, backache, or other ailments.

You can also share advice through social media as to where to find your prescriptions for less or even flu vaccines. Nationwide Medical is a great resource when it comes to buying your next flu vaccine just in time for the cold and flu season.

While you can’t allow your friends and social media acquaintances to diagnose your health problems or recommend medications your doctor hasn’t prescribed, you can still use social media in a general way as a road to becoming healthier.

The Internet is a great resource for connecting with others, asking advice, looking for help, obtaining support, and even offering assistance in times of health issues and need.