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Google Will Introduce a Nexus Tablet This Year, According to an Anonymous ASUS Spokesperson

No doubt, Apple’s iPad has remained to be the king of all tablets and the best selling product in the history.  So far, I agree with this fact as there haven’t been Android tablets or any other slate competing against Apple’s iPad and winning the tablet race.

Top 10 Google Search Tips for Frequent Internet Users

Google is a platform where you can search from anything to everything. Take as if you need to fix your bike fault, just Google your query and you’ll get the best solution. However there are Google search tips which make the searching process more creative, effective and

What is Google Product Search? How Can You Benefit from it?

What is Google Product Search? Google Product Search is a search service/utility provided by Google which is primarily made for shopping needs. It is a search utility which evaluates different products and presents you the best product in the market under respective categories so that you can

Top 10 Best Tablet PCs

Apple’s iPad has evidently dominated the tablet market on an unprecedented level for several years. Its current generation iPad, iPad 2, in addition to its predecessor sold a combined 15 million units during the fourth quarter in 2011; clearly showcasing its domination, there are alternatives which, for some tablet

Google+ for Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Google plus has been around for several months now, but most people are not using social network to its full potential. Even if you have the basics down, it might be time to take a second look at this rapidly growing network. Today, we are going to

Google Online Music Store

Google, the hot favorite of uncountable web surfers have launched an online store for listening and downloading your favorite music at PCs, phones and tablets. Now a day web surfing has became so easy due to different internet connections which are going cheap. 3G is increasing day

5 SEO Tips to Get Better Google Ranking

Online blogging is the best way to earn money especially for those who know how to get a better Google ranking. Google Search Engine is quite sharp to observe the tricks which webmasters and bloggers use to get a better search engine optimization. So bloggers need to

3 Helpful Chrome Extensions To Clean Up Your Browsing Experience

Internet is a place where you get hundred thousands of search results for just one thing you might be looking. It’s a pile of junk you have to scramble through to get your desired file or information. Sometimes it plunges into my mind that is there anything

Top 10 Best Google+ Games

Google Plus is the search engine creator’s social networking push they’ve been pushing for the past few months. It generated some excitement during the opening stages with tens of millions of users signing up for the service but has since lost momentum. Still, one aspect of the social networking

Google Unveils ‘Let it Snow’ Trick

Are you busy for decorating your homes, offices or shops for this great festival season? Yes, Then here is one more trick which google has added to its search engine. Before introducing you guys with google trick  here is the our last post about best hd wallpapers