What is Google Product Search?

Google Product Search is a search service/utility provided by Google which is primarily made for shopping needs. It is a search utility which evaluates different products and presents you the best product in the market under respective categories so that you can buy the most appropriate product on the internet. Online business owners can boost traffic to their sites using Google Product Search that comes free.

It helps connect a brand/product manufacturer and the potential buyers searching for those products. Your products may also appear under Google.com (depending on its relevance) but Google Product Search is a more oriented towards shopping and specific to one point.

How can you benefit from it?

Free of cost: Google Product Search costs no money and that is actually is one of the biggest features that I like since it acts like an advertisement panel which displays your products in front of the internet users. You simply need to follow some basics and invest a little amount of time and you are all set to make business from Google Product Search.

Actually Google Product Search has more potential than your hired sales team. It helps you make business without many efforts and investment. It sends direct traffic to your website that can give you conversion.

But the question stands still “How can you benefit from Google product search?” Well the first thing you need to have is an account on Google. If you are already a member of Gmail, Adwords or analytics then you can simply use that account.

Next thing you need to do is click on ‘Shopping’ from the Google’s main page right at the top from the black drop down menu under “More”. Then click on the link saying: “information for merchants” and then hit the button saying: ‘start a data feed’. Agree to the terms and conditions of Google and fill in your business details and necessary information including your contact. Choose a name for your product feed and after this step, your account will be all set to accept your products.

Follow these basics:

  • Use keyword targeted meta-titles and meta-description
  • Include ALT tag in all your site images
  • Write quality content for your website
  • Use nice and appropriate images on your website that showcases the product easily and efficiently

Remember, the competition on Google Product Search is extremely high so you need to work on a strict line of tactics and have patience to get higher rankings in it. And to tell you a fact, the only first 3 results are displayed in the organic search results.

As a general fact, the reviews given by a customer is also precious and proven to get higher rankings in Google Product Search. So the best thing you can do is ask your regular site visitors and product consumers to write a review for your products so that you can get higher rankings in Google product search to enhance your visibility and increase your sales.