Google Plus is the search engine creator’s social networking push they’ve been pushing for the past few months. It generated some excitement during the opening stages with tens of millions of users signing up for the service but has since lost momentum. Still, one aspect of the social networking service is Google + Games. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best Google + games.

10. Dragon Age Legends

Dragon Age Legends brings the action of BioWare’s Dragon Age franchise to see a deliverance of a social game for Google’s social networking service. The game features:

  • Tactical combat gameplay
  • Various levels for players
  • Co-operative component included

9. Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash requires players to match gems and then consequently utilize them to clear the board where the gems are present. The game’s features consist of:

  • Simple but robust and fun puzzle game
  • Players who relish a challenge won’t be disappointed
  • Variety of levels

8. Wild Ones

Wild Ones sees players choose pets who are of a rather cute nature and then make them soldiers with a host of weapons. The game’s notable additions include:

  • Host of weapons players can equip to their pets
  • Multiplayer component included
  • Private matches can be set up for friends

7. Sudoku Puzzle

Sudoku Puzzle is one of the games that requires skill from players; normal Sudoku elements play a part in the game for users to become quickly familiarized with the concept, as well as having access to:

  • Hours of fun to be had
  • Friends can be invited to play
  • Several difficulty levels

6. City of Wonder

City of Wonder is a neat game for Google’s social networking platform. Whilst Facebook boasts Zynga’s FarmeVille and other popular games based on SimCity, Google brings its own title to the foray with City of Wonder. Features for the game are:

  • Variety of social networking options
  • Invite friends and family to play with you
  • Great fantasy-based title

5. Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis sees players get introduced to the game’s concept siutated towards four tribes who are fighting each other to gain control of one another’s tribe. Features for the game for Google + consists of:

  • Visually appealing graphics
  • Intriguing story concept
  • Host of weapons to choose from

4. Crime City

Striking inevitable similarities to Facebook’s Mafia Wars, Crime City allows players to take control of a city with the utilization of crime. Notable additions for the game include:

  • Money can be utilized in various aspects
  • Team of professionals aid you
  • Addictive element sure to be experienced with the amount of levels

3. Angry Birds

One of the first games Google chose to include on its social networking platform, Google +, was Rovio’s most downloaded game in history, Angry Birds. The game which has eclipsed half a billion downloads brings its award-winning features to Google’s social network with the following features:

  • Hundreds of levels to play
  • Each bird has its own unique ability for players to utilize
  • Graphics are sleek

2. Bubble Island

Bubble Island sees players shooting bubbles from a bubble-based canon that is aimed towards matching colored bubbles in order to advance throughout the game’s levels. The game features:

  • Co-operative feature included
  • Each level is filled with bubble-popping fun
  • Graphics deliver vibrant colors that are admirable

1. Zombie Lane

Zombie Lane features, as its name suggests, everyone’s favorite game inclusion in the form of zombies. Players will choose their weapons and take on hordes of zombies. Features for the Google + Games include:

  • Various quests
  • Weapons include shotgun to the more subtle shovel
  • Material can be gathered in order to craft super weapons