No doubt, Apple’s iPad has remained to be the king of all tablets and the best selling product in the history.  So far, I agree with this fact as there haven’t been Android tablets or any other slate competing against Apple’s iPad and winning the tablet race. Even through many tablet companies tried but no one ever managed to outdo the mighty iPad.

But as far as Google is concerned, it is the biggest search engine of all times and it also has Android on its side. We have been hitting with rumors of the nexus tablet which is said to be introduced by the search engine giant. All the credit goes to an anonymous ASUS representative, who remained in the dark without disclosing his identity and told the world about the partnership deal between ASUS and Google to introduce a new tablet which is more likely to be named “Nexus”.

There are no other sources to confirm this news on the official platform and there are even no words on its official arrival date. But as far as rumors are concerned, Google and ASUS will launch their Nexus tablet this year. Yet the Google I/O conference is thought to showcase the new nexus tablet (which is to take place in the end of the June), as it seems more likely!

As to what has been reported, the nexus tablet will directly compete with the Apple’s iPad and its configuration will differentiate it too, for making it the best selling tablet ever. Listen iPad fans, the Google nexus tablet will allegedly measure at 7-inches featuring a quad-core Tegra 3 processor. It sure is one heck of an improvement the Android fans were expecting for

And as we have talked about previously, Google has signed a partnership deal with ASUS to manufacture their Nexus tablet. We are dealing with ASUS hardware here, so we can surely expect high build quality. However, the alleged price of this tablet is around $250 which is a deal breaker. It really is a lot cheaper than Apple’s iPad and if these things turned out to be true then you will see iPad packing its bag 😉

According to me, this so called Nexus tablet will blow the market due to the operating system which is made by Google and hardware side which is managed by the well-known brand of innovation ASUS. I am surely waiting for this tablet; I just can’t wait to get my hands on it. Google’s I/O conference is only few weeks ahead, so keep your fingers crossed, readers!