Internet is a place where you get hundred thousands of search results for just one thing you might be looking. It’s a pile of junk you have to scramble through to get your desired file or information. Sometimes it plunges into my mind that is there anything which can help me to get through this trouble giving search? Reading desired articles, watching videos on YouTube and getting a clean list of your preferred websites will be a dream for you, but not now…Google Chrome, your ever favorite browser has solved your trouble by offering these three worthy extensions. Get a close look at, TidyRead and Clearly by Evernote. :Helpful Chrome Extensions

It’s an easy extension that makes your Amazon and YouTube’s experience flawless and pleasant. Every time when you enter a keyword in your YouTube search window, you get innumerable results which make you perplexed to choose the right video. All the videos don’t match your criteria. The page that opens when you click your desired video is full of junk videos. It seems more about the next coming videos than the one you are watching. has solved this issue, it makes the page neat with only the search bar, and the video you are watching right then. Another cool feature is that there is a link below video saying ‘Dim Lights’. By clicking on this link, everything else except that video will get dim or faded you may call it. This special effect makes it much easier to concentrate on the chosen one and forget everything else scattering around.

Same thing does for Amazon. It clears all the junk stuff and shows you only your required search results. The side stuff is swept away and you get a clear view of the products you want to explore. Amazon is easier to get navigated through this extension. This doesn’t mean that you have lost that extra things, those are just collected to one link; you can unhide them by clicking, Show subscription, Show comments and stuff like that.

Tidy Read :Helpful Chrome Extensions

Tidy Read is an extension which offers you a neat view while you are reading some article. Just like hides all the extra stuff, Tidy Read clears all the things except the article you are reading. Well, it is not good for related sites and ads that you completely remove them. So this extension only hides them for the time you are trying to concentrate on words. Later you can unhide those ads and related posts or websites to see them. It is richly featured so you can once set the option that how do you want to view the article. You will click the icon next to the address bar manually when you want to clean up the article on your desired way. There is another setting bar which appears on the top of article you are going through. You can change font, size color and background of article and those features are easily accessible.

Clearly by Evernote :Helpful Chrome Extensions

This extension is not that much automated like the two mentioned before. It allows you to twist the color pallate of the article you are going through. To clean up the article, you have to click the icon next to the address bar. The great feature is that you can easily clip the article to your Evernote account and this made it cool.