Google, the hot favorite of uncountable web surfers have launched an online store for listening and downloading your favorite music at PCs, phones and tablets. Now a day web surfing has became so easy due to different internet connections which are going cheap. 3G is increasing day by day making internet downloading and surfing even easier.

The Google music store is set to sale songs and albums for a price which are comparable to Amazon MP3 and iTunes but one fact is there that Google’s catalogue is a bit smaller. Android Market is having the store front, a website and application where Google smart phone customers can get apps.

The songs which you will buy from that online music store will consequentially uploaded to Google Music and the list will be updated. Google music is like a locker which the android phone and tablet users can use to stream the songs according to their device compatibility. Google Music is available and free to store about 20,000 songs and according to Google, more than 200 million gadgets have been activated at Google music.

Jamie Rosenberg, the Google’s Director of Android’s content has stated that at Google, digital songs have got an essential value to various things we care about. He says that other cloud services for music need you to pay for listening music you own, but we don’t. Google has already signed the deals with three of the biggest four record music labels; The Grateful Dead, the Warner Music Group (The 3rd largest including Death cab for Cutie) and Muse & T-Pain. Google has assured that even if the Warner is not included, there will be 5 million songs added over coming months.

There is another feature of Google Music, after buying a song, the customers can share that track at Google+ network which is spreading day by day. The good thing is that, when you go to buy songs at other services, you are only given demo of few seconds, but in Google Music, you have offered to listen a song of full length once before buying, whether iTunes provides only 90 sec preview. Google also has a safe absolute access to live records from famous bands like Rolling Stones and Coldplay.

After buying a song through Google Music, customers can share the track on the Google+ social network. Google touted that, unlike other music stores, people who find songs through Google+ will be able to listen to each one in full for free one time before they buy. ITunes only provides 90-second previews. Google has also secured exclusive access to live records from popular bands including Coldplay and the Rolling Stones.