Google is a platform where you can search from anything to everything. Take as if you need to fix your bike fault, just Google your query and you’ll get the best solution. However there are Google search tips which make the searching process more creative, effective and productive to bring the most exact results. Here are Top 10 Google tips recommended for viewers who use internet on daily basis:

Top 10 Google Search Tips for Frequent Internet Users

  1. Use the “link:” code to get the results of the backlinks a particular website has. For example if you insert: link: / in the search bar, Google will search for the backlinks of that website and give you results where the links of the inserted website is found. This comes pretty handy for SEO masters to build links.
  2. Although you have a calculator in your computer but if you are all the day online then it comes pretty handy to make calculations in the browser itself. Just enter the calculation that you would like to perform in Google for example insert: 120 * (734/89+ 2) and you will get the result right away.
  3. Use the “site:” code/operator to restrict your searches to a specific website or web page. For example if you want to retrieve product information about men’s shoes only from then insert the following search query in Google: site:  “men’s shoes”
  4. Use Google as a spelling portal to check if you are spelling the word correctly or not. If you insert anything in Google it will perform a spell-check and tell you that instant if it is wrong and will suggest you the right spelling. You may also use the “define:” operator to get definitions from a variety of dictionaries for example insert: define: asbestos.
  5. Use inverted commas at the start and at the end of your sentence to check if your content is duplicated or not. If in case your content is found duplicated then Google will retrieve the exact result comparing your sentences.
  6. To find the world time or time for a specific region “time” following with the name of the city you want to search for. For instance: time New York
  7. To get instant currency conversions, Google is the best place itself. For example insert: 100 pounds in American dollars.
  8. You can also exclude your specific search items to eliminate the result from a website that you are searching for by using “-“operator. For instance if you are looking for information about shoes but don’t want anything about men’s shoes then insert: “shoes” –men’s shoes
  9. Try inserting your area code to look up for detailed information about your area and information about the telephone number. For example insert: “415” in Google to look for the telephone number details and map of the associated area.
  10. You can also search for particular document types. You just need to type the following command in Google: “filetype:” followed by the query. For example if you want information about Honda corolla 2012 in PDF format then insert:  Honda corolla filetype: PDF

These were the best Google tips I had. If you have some of your own Google tips, then do share with us…