Facebook is on its way to exceed 170 million daily users, which it sometimes has achieved; in the process beating search engine giant Google. Even though the social service network boasts a compelling interface that is customizable to certain extents, Greasemonkey scripts takes modification of user’s profile pages to the next level. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top ten best Facebook Greasemonkey scripts.

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10. Chat Emoticons

Facebook already delivers several chat smileys but Chat Emoticons allows users to have access to more emotions, in addition to making it more convenient to pick them.

9. Age Checker

Whilst age may not matter to countless users who utilize Facebook, a certain percentage will want to see a profile page’s age. The form the greasemonkey script is displayed is with a numerical value in relation to a birth date, instead of the actual age.

8. Active Friends Placement

With this particular Greasemonkey script, the Facebook Chat Friends list is categorized into an accumulative of three sections; online friends will be displayed at the top, which is then followed with, well, buddies who you don’t care about which is finally followed by friends who are offline.

7. Multi-User Login

This Greasemonkey script allows users to swiftly switch between Facebook users on a shared computer. An effective ‘Who?’ drop-down menu is added on the login page, as well as the top of every Facebook page, where any user account can be selected which logs out the current user and logs in to the account which was selected via the drop-down menu.

6. Sidebar Advertisement Remover

Facebook’s advertisements which are mostly situated on the sidebar of the website can be an annoying presence for users of the social network. However, Sidebar Advertisement Remover does exactly what the title suggests; all ads within the sidebars will be removed.

5. Sidebar Ticker Remover

Another annoying presence on Facebook is its ticker box which is based on the sidebar. The box can be completed removed via this Greasemonkey script, which is also one of the only script of its kind available to do so.

4. Friends Checker

This Greasemonkey script has the ability to detect friends who have chosen to remove you from their Facebook friends list.  Friends Checker sends a message as soon as someones does carry out the process, with a link showcased for the person’s profile page.

3. Highlight Birthdays

Remembering birthdays can be a hard task for anyone. Facebook Highlight Birthday features makes certain of a user being notified of one of their friend’s or families’ birthday.

2. URL Cleaner

URL cleaner is a Facebook Greasemonkey scripts that cleans URLs which don’t, in reality, take you to a new page. The script will allow other user scripts to work on the social network, whilst also – but shouldn’t deter from the overall quality of the URL Cleaner – making pages load seemingly slower.

1. Better Facebook

Facebook is a great site as it already is. But Better Facebook delivers exactly what its name entails; a better, enhanced user experience for the website. Tabbed news feeds, advanced feed filters, a static header,  as well as comment tracking are all included, in addition to several others & considered as best Facebook Greasemonkey scripts.