The IPhone has achieved a remarkable success in the gambling industry in less than four years since it was unveiled by its mighty creator – Apple. Designed as a unique multimedia smart phone device, iPhone established himself as an instant hit among all those „where ever you are“ rush worshipers, offering unforgettable casino gaming experience at the same level as it is on your finest home computer.

Casino Games have been a huge driver behind the success of the iPhone, with many people using their iPhone more as a portable gaming device than as an actual phone. Casino and poker apps have been some of the most popular since the launch of the iPhone – one of the very first apps ever developed was Apple Texas hold’em. Here is the ultimate collection of Top 6 Best iTunes Approved Casino Apps for iPhone.

888 Casino:

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Play with a winner at 888casino – we’ve got the games, the jackpots and the casino platform keep you spinning and winning with real money casino games every day and night.

Zynga Poker:

The game offers you a clean, fast and easy to use interface. The best part is that it provides you an opportunity to play with more than 30 million players worldwide including your friends.

How? Because you can Login with your Facebook account and play it with your Facebook friends. Apart from this brilliant facility it is also a solid app. It has a garland of amazing features to offer like Vibrate the device on your turn (If the player is not paying attention), an easy rank page, which encourages new users, And, lastly, the app even keeps track of player’s all-time best hand, which is kind of cool for bragging rights.

All around, Zynga Poker is an excellent download for anyone looking to play some online Texas Hold ‘Em on the go. Highly recommended.

Bwin Poker App:

It was the first approved  Poker App for iPhone users, and enables to play for some serious cash. Which makes it one of the best available apps against the alternative is that it enables you to play for free and let you fix a limit of amount, blind size and table to be dunked into a real life game of Texas hold’em poker that you can play over WiFi or your 3G connection.

Bwin is solid, fairly seamless and currently has the market sewn up. We’d just suggest that you use it wisely.

Apple Texas Hold’em:  

The game made its debut in late 2006, but it still holds a large number of fans and very popular.  It offers a classic game you play and lets you jump quickly against a large number of opponents through Facebook. It not only allows you to play with 8 million players worldwide but also offers to receive $30,000 in chips for FREE!

Reel Deal Slots Club:

Apart from other available Slot Applications, this game lets you spin the reels at a few games. It allows you to play various types of slot machines including poker machines, fruit machines with detailed statistics. You can enjoy playing slots and the thrill of the jackpot without wagering any real money.

All Slots Casino:

The game allows you to enjoy all the Slot Casino you would expect from LV. The best part is that you get all this for free. Players get FREE money both while you play the game *AND* while you’re outside of the game. No matter what you’re doing you’re earning FREE money to play more Ace Slots Casino! Now *that* is really cool!

Although, We have tried to compile the best list of Casino Apps for iPhone but still there are many sites like which offers a good variety of games. Don’t forget to share your thoughts or suggestions on best Casino Apps for iPhone.