With the iPhone’s dominance in the market, Apple released a tablet which changed that specific market forever; it became extremely competitive with several companies trying to take Apple’s market share, but the iPad still remains the best-selling tablet. As Facebook becomes more of a revolution than it already is, there’ll undoubtedly be a large percentage of iPad users who use the social networking site. While they can simply visit the site and get their Facebook fix from there, there’s also several applications available tailored specifically for site. VOICEABLE compiled a list of the top 10 best Facebook apps for iPad.

10. Facely HD :Best Facebook Apps for iPad

Facely HD is a Facebook application for the iPad which has a very user-friendly interface. The customization that can be applied onto the application is also worth admiring. Its notable features include:

  • Browse your live feed
  • Tag friends in status
  • Comment on posts
  • Chat with friends
  • Upload photos
  • Upload video
  • See birthdays

9. Friendly :Best Facebook Apps for iPad

This Facebook application allows users to have access to a slew of features that a user could ever need (which is organized in a simplistic yet accessible interface). In addition to a multiple login feature, other features are:

  • Customizable colors
  • Swipe through Facebook photo albums in full screen
  • Chat with online friends
  • Upload photos from your iPad
  • Edit photos, add effects and easily change one’s profile picture
  • Receive friends birthday notifications

8. Friended :Best Facebook Apps for iPad

Friended displays its Facebook-related information in a column view that certainly differentiates itself from others. The columns entail a live feed of your linked Facebook profile, native chat support, friend’s recent pictures, etc. Friended’s features include:

  • Quick view profile popovers
  • News Feeds
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Photo Galleries
  • Tagging
  • Notifications
  • Events
  • Messages

7. MyPad :Facebook Apps for iPad

In terms of visual fidelity, MyPad can’t be beaten. Users can view multiple profiles as pages which are stackable, as well as scrollable which are both visually appealing and user-friendly. The Facebook application’s features include:

  • Neat photo gallery viewing (with sideshow)
  • Swipe-based navigation
  • Chat support
  • Birthday and event calendars
  • Support for multiple Facebook accounts
  • Interactive video player
  • Upload, as well as download photos
  • Support for iPad 2’s camera

6. Pica :Best Facebook Apps for iPad

Pica boasts a visually attractive interface that will satisfy any Facebook user. Quick actions can be executed via particular gestures – Pica lets users always stay connected to Facebook; whether that’s updating one’s status, sharing photos, or chatting with friends. Other notable features that Pica has are:

  • Multiple accounts support
  • Favorite list for quick access of your best friends
  • Chat feature integrated
  • Access to your Facebook messages Easily update your status, share photos on the fly
  • Full screen photo viewer with tags
  • Events & birthday lists

5. Plus :Facebook iPad Apps

Plus delivers practically everything Facebook related. Ranging from a chat feature, users can use multiple accounts, as well as a experiencing simplistic browsing. Other features of Plus includes:

  • Browse your news feed and friends’ wall
  • Quick status update with photos
  • Like, comment and remove posts
  • Chat feature equipped with emotion symbols, in addition to customizable chatting bubbles
  • Switch between multiple chats feature
  • Publish new notes, as well as being able to browse them and you friend’s notes

4. Facebook :Best Apps for iPad

What would a Facebook iPad application be without it being made by the company themselves? The social networking site’s team managed to create an application which features searching, security, games and applications, as well as:

  • Enjoy bigger, better photos: photos are high-res and easy to flip through
  • Tap, slide or pinch to move from one screen to another
  • Zoom in feature for photos, updates and stories
  • Update your status and send a message without leaving your News Feed

3. Sobees Lite

This application is suited for iPad owners who want to use Facebook as the larger screen is optimized fully so everything will basically be shown within the screen, consequently making it much more cleaner, sleeker and indeed easier for the user to have a flawless Facebook experience. Users can update their status, scan pictures, check and manage both birthdays and events and more, such as:

  • Home feed can be presented via a newspaper-based view
  • Comment and like friend’s activities
  • View photos and videos
  • Sporting a Calender view, manage events and birthdays

2. Seesmic : Best Facebook Apps for iPad

Seesmic is a multi-social network viewing iPad application. One of those is Facebook, with Seesmic offering a powerful app that also features a customizable dashboard for users who utilize several social networking sites. Its features are:

  • Check your news-feed in a user-friendly interface
  • Easy inbox access
  • Friends and pages lists
  • Log in to multiple accounts
  • Share photos and videos

1. FBPremium :Facebook Apps for iPad

FPremium for Facebook is one of the best Facebook apps for the iPad. In addition to its great interface, and its smooth browsing and general experience it delivers to users, the app also features:

  • Beautiful design with Tab-based navigation UI (supports both Portrait & Landscape orientation)
  • Caching allows for high-speed data loading
  • Multiple account login feature
  • Full news feed & wall posts
  • History list
  • Translate feature
  • View photos, as well as videos straight from your wall

Don’t forget to share below in comments section that which one is the your best Facebook apps for iPad.