BlackBerry’s Messenger is its number one feature that makes creator RIM the bulk of its revenue via the selling of the smart phone for users who want to utilize the messenger service. The iPhone’s app store features several applications that are related to communication. With Android’s hundreds of thousands of applications via the store, communication is also the operating system, whether that be via e-mail based apps or messengers. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best free Android communication applications.

10. SMS Book :Android Communication Apps

This application allows users to note down or/and send what you personally feel about several aspects such as friends, jokes, thoughts, etc. SMS Book acts as a tool that stores messages situated within categories such as:

  • Friends
  • Birthdays
  • Thoughts

9. Bluetooth File Transfer

Bluetooth File Transfer ensures the sending and receiving of files via the utilization of Bluetooth for Android-powered devices. Other notable features include:

  • Custom security manager for incoming BT connections
  • Legacy 2.0 and AES support
  • User interface is simplistic and sleek

8. eBuddy Messenger :Android Communication Apps

eBuddy has already proved to be a revelation on browsers and has found its way onto the Android with a suitable transition. Users can now access various IM services such MSN, Facebook, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, GTalk, as well as having access to features including:

  • Runs in the background; always online and ready to chat to friends and family (like BBM)
  • Simultaneously chat or IM feature
  • Set avatar for accounts

7. Nimbuzz :Best Free Android Communication Apps

Whilst Skype holds the same features, Nimbuzz is more accustomed to smart phones as it was solely made for mobile platforms such as the Android. Its features include:

  • Free calls to Nimbuzz contacts
  • Free messaging ability to Nimbuzz contacts
  • International calls are cheap

6. Go!Chat for Facebook :Android Communication Apps

Go!Chat for Facebook  allows users, as the application’s name suggests, to talk with their friends and family via the social networking service giants that is Facebook. Notable features for the app are:

  • Send photo and voice notes to contacts
  • Secure Facebook login
  • Simplistic and accessible interface

5. Hotmail :Best Android Communication Apps

Although Hotmail has fell down the pecking order in terms of communication services, the Microsoft-created platform is still an effective method to send and receive emails. Features for the Hotmail application for Android include:

  • Synced calendar and contacts inclusion
  • Folders can be viewed within a Hotmail account, as well as sub folders
  • Pictures can be sent from the application to the recipient

4. Opera :Best Free Android Communication Apps

Opera was one of the highest quality web browsers around after its eventual fall with the inception of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. Still, its platform provides for a great browsing experience – especially for Android users. The application’s features are:

  • Twitter and Facebook integration
  • Specially optimized interface for the Android platform
  • A pinch-to-zoom feature

3. GO SMS Pro :Best Android Communication Apps

This communication-centered application for Android allows sending of text messages to users who have the application installed on their Android too. Features include:

  • Schedule a SMS
  • Several themes ready for selection
  • Group texting feature

2. Skype :Best Free Android Communication Apps

Skype-to-Skype video calls can be made with this application to users who have Skype installed on their part; however, it doesn’t just need to be installed on the Android: users who utilize the program on PCs and Macs can have a Skype call with an Android Skype user too. Other notable features consists of:

  • Cheap calls and SMSs can be made to mobiles
  • Send pictures to contacts
  • Videos can be sent to online friend and family

1. Gmail :Free Android Communication Apps

When it comes to a fast, clean, accessible and sleek interface, as well as associated features, Google Mail is one of the best available. Its Android application features:

  • Email users with an accessible and easy-to-use interface
  • Multiple Gmail accounts can be associated with the app
  • All messages can be searched