As Facebook becomes more of a presence in the social networking market than it ever was, it’s started to branch out in terms of its users and purposes of usage. Businesses have started to utilize the website for their company, so we’ve made a list of the top 10 best Facebook apps for business.

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10. Networked Blogs

Networked Blogs consists of a community of bloggers and those who just generally blog. Businesses sometime base their whole company on a blog, such as Joystiq for example. This application allows users to promote their blog on the website, as well as having the opportunity to discover new blogs. Its key features include:

  • Works on both: profiles and Facebook Pages
  • Import your blog feed to your profile or public page
  • A visual blogroll on your profile to promote your blog and blogs you like
  • A directory of blogs organized by topic and geographical locations
  • Read news and vote articles you love
  • A community of like-minded people to connect with

9. Promotions : Best Facebook Apps For Business

Promotions for allows businesses to create promotions, in addition to marketing campaigns on Facebook Fan Pages. Its notable features include:
  • Easy and fast to set up promotions
  • Set up contests and sweepstakes
  • Users can also promote via coupons and giveaways

8. My BusinessBlinkWeb

This application essentially makes all your clients, customers and even friends into potential advertisers; businesses can create a widget which then promotes the company – this can also be placed on other people’s profiles.

7. Professional Profile

This Facebook application allows businesses to create a tab on your own personalized profile intended for one’s professional contacts, as well as storing and sending updates regarding information, as well as activities.

6. My LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the destination for those who want to showcase their profile in regards to their career, as well as those looking for employees for their businesses. My LinkedIn Profile displays your page on your Facebook profile.

5. SocialFly : Best Facebook Apps For Business

SocialFly is a Facebook application which delivers an extremely effective way to keep up with business contacts. Businesses can create notes about your online contacts, and then consequently set reminders to communicate with them at a set time. You’ll also be able to manage your contacts with ease.

4. Workin’ It!

This application allows users to send out their work experience – much like a LinkedIn profile – to companies looking for employees. Additionally, you can show your work experience to clients who wish to see it. That’s now all, however, as you’ll also be able to retrieve recommendations from co-workers, as well as friends.

3. MyMoney : Facebook Apps For Business

If you’re not too big of a business, then MyMoney delivers a range of useful features to manage your company’s finances. Its key features include:
  • View account balances
  • Transfer money
  • Review histories
  • Security in place to protect one’s information

2. Pagemodo

If you’re a business and want to utilize Facebook to show off the company, then you’re going to need a visually appealing template for your profile. Pagemodo provides just that without the user needing to be experienced in designing; businesses can add their photos, change fonts, display products, as well as being able to embed videos.

1. IEndorse : Best Facebook Business Apps

This application can result in others endorsing in your company, who can find it via the extensive IEndorse business database. The Facebook application will allow you to receive endorsements in order to build your business reputation, as well as its relationships regardless of what you’re offering including a service or a product.