Facebook reaches out to more than 160 million people on a daily basis. Yes, that’s how many people use the social network site every day. A large percentage of the site’s users stems from students. The owner himself was a student when he made the site with the intention to release the site as a student-based social service. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best Facebook apps for students.

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10. Class Notes

Class Notes is an effective way to take photos of class notes, such as within your lecture, and then visit them via this application. Additionally, the app has a directory of notes so you can read other’s notes too which is more than helpful.

9. Notely :Best Facebook Apps For Students

Notely is has gained a reputation of its great student-focused online tools which has been transformed into a Facebook application. Students can post to-do lists and then prioritize them accordingly. Other features include writing and uploading notes, a homework planner, a to-do list, as well as a calender.

8. To Do List

Every student will undoubtedly be given a slew of work, and this is in addition to their social life, etc. So, a to do list is imperative for a large percentage of students, and this Facebook application is the perfect tool. Aptly entitled ‘To Do List’, this app allows its users to of course set what they need to do and see which ones are approaching. The app will help you keep organised and give you a skill that is practically invaluable. Sure, there’s the argument of writing and ticking off manually on a piece of paper but those can be easily lost and doing it digitally is hassle-free, easier, and this particular application also boasts a simplistic, user-friendly interface.

7. Scholarium

Scholarium is a student-based application more geared towards those attending University. The app allows students to share their timetable with friends, find classmates with ease, as well as rating your professors – which can then be viewed by other students and see what you say about a certain teacher and vice versa.

6. Docs :Best Facebook Apps For Students

A library full of assignments, schoolwork and such. A dream for any student. Well, with Docs, that dream can indeed come into fruition. With over 50,000 documents available based from lecture notes, as well as 70,000 monthly users, this could be an extremely useful tool. However, be sure to not to plagiarize as that does no body any good, and you’ll most likely regret it if you do get away with it. Take some pride in your work; utilize the notes, but don’t just outright copy and paste them.

5. CourseTopia

As students, we all know how hard it is or was to remember their schedules for classes within semesters (terms in England). Even with a paper document containing such schedules for classes, they’re easily lost and can be damaged. Why not keep virtually via the Internet and save all the potential or/and current hassle? Indeed, that’s what CourseTopia delivers.

4. Quiz Monster

Being a student, 90% of all courses entail the inevitable exams (which is required before college most definitely via the form of, for example, GCSEs to progress to further education). So, to effectively and efficiently prepare for exams, Quiz Monster gives students the opportunity to create exams and consequently test themselves. Remember, ultimately, repetition is the key to various forms of success so applying that statement to taking exams will help you in the real exam greatly.

3. Yearbook :Best Facebook Apps For Students

An effective way to improve and create an assignment by a student is to gain and share advice from their peers. Yearbook is basically a virtual classroom where you can connect with classmates and have access to students from both colleges and universities. The application boasts an impressive monthly user-base of 2.3 million people (all of which are presumably students) so there’s an endless amount of help and sharing available.

2. Calender

Keeping on track with a student’s schedule is one of the most active things one will ever do. Why? Because you’re a student; you’re going to have an array of studying, social life, visiting family, playing games, etc, in your schedule. Calender lets students get organized effectively; the Facebook application includes a  integrated to do list, SMS reminder, keeping up with friends, remembering their birthday’s and just generally, and ultimately, keep on top of everything that’s going on with a student’s schedule.

1. Weekly Schedule

While Calendar does mirror the Weekly Schedule’s various features, this particular application is a more schedule-focused tool for students. Weekly Schedule allows its users to add a background picture, search for when friends will be free, privacy settings (which includes a block-list), as well as the addition of a side-by-side schedule comparison feature.