Facebook has been the hot favorite for social circlers since its release. iPhone have made it a lot more easier to keep in touch with your friends and family as the iPhone app market has taken no time to launch iPhone Facebook. One important thing was still missing which was Facebook instant massaging window. It is good news for Facebook lovers that you have got this app now. Facebook Messenger application sets fit to your every expectation. It’s fully packed with features and it offers you a complete set of activity to keep you in touch with your social circle. Surely you do have a Facebook account already. Just move ahead to go through the application’s overview!


Just load the application onto your gadget, you will be shown a screen asking to login or sign up (in case you don’t have an active Facebook account, you have to sign up), if you choose to register for a new account, you will be directed to safari for Facebook sign up. Make it sure to keep your account details your side because it’s a bit irritating step. Well, when you are logged in, you will be directed to your Facebook messenger screen with even the previous messages. This feature makes it quite cool. Live chats and inbox messages both can be sent through this messaging app.

There is a gear button at the top left side which will show you the messaging app’s options; here you can set everything like you do at your original Facebook page online like alerts, login logout, FAQs etc.

Phone Verification : Facebook Messaging at iPhone

When you got logged in for the very first time, you will be taken to the option verify your device. You can skip this step and start the app right there if you want but it is recommended to verify your phone if you are a constant Facebook chat user. It will be useful for you as your phone and phone number will be locked (verified) with that account and you will be notified if anyone else tries to login or to do any suspicious thing with your account. You will be sent a message with that other’s phone number for verification whether you know it or not. This phone verification process takes a minute so don’t avoid it, it is useful.

Start Chatting:

Now move back to the messaging screen, you will find a button on top right corner to compose a new message. Tap here for a new window, your cursor will be blinking at the ‘To’ panel, you can add the recipient here. You can also choose more than one friend, though it will be a bit messy, but you can do it. This application also includes auto completion, just type a few letters of your contact name and it will be appeared with their profile picture. There is also a send butto to enter the IM you have typed. It is completely like original Facebook chat widow as it also gives the time when the message was sent, the complete chat thread and the display picture too.

Other Media:

Facebook messenger includes both landscape and portrait view throughout the application. If you want to share pictures and other media, it is also available in Facebook messenger application. It is definitely a complete package. You can also take new picture using camera button. This tool allows you to share the events with your friends who are not there at the moment.