At times I really find it hard to remind myself of a time when Mr. Mark Zuckerberg Had not found the time this creates this masterpiece of his. To be a bit critical about this Masterpiece, I would rather say that Facebook has done wonders and at the same time created disasters. But still as I said Facebook is an absolute beauty. It has literally changed the way we think or talk about socialism and socializing. It will not be wrong to say that Facebook has completely revolutionized the way we socialize. It was a small step by a man and now it has turned into a giant leap by the whole mankind.

If we just think about the way socialism centuries back, then we will be able to judge the advancements we have made in this field. Let us not talk of Centuries now. Just think of the 1950’s and 1960’s. The only way of socialism was via telephone and letters. Even these two mediums took relatively very long time to connect to some near and dear one of us. The first step in this revolution was taken by Electronic Mails which are better known as e-mails. Then the pagers came into the field of communication. Next was the season of Mobile phones. But the real breakthrough was surely made through Facebook. Few features that made Facebook so famous among the masses are: Firstly, It is free. Then it knows no boundaries, not STD charges, No ISD charges. Most importantly, it is very easy to handle.

As Facebook increases its 800 million + strong user base, applications based on the social networking platform are formed. There are countless Facebook applications provided by the Google’s Android platform that makes the Facebook easier. You want to share a status update; you can select an application and just type in on your Android device. Some close friend of yours is online and you want to have a chat with him but you cannot use the computer. You do not need to worry. Just start one of the Facebook applications by android and you are chatting with him from any place on the surface of earth. There are innumerable Facebook applications that are available in the android market waiting for you to click the download option. So just download the best ones and socialize with Facebook more, VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best free Android Facebook apps.

10. FriendCaster Chat

FreindCaster Chat delivers a simplistic but accessible user interface in relation to Facebook’s chat feature. Its key features consist of the following:

  • The user interface is simplistic and well done
  • Facebook friends can be marked as favorites
  • A total of five color themes included

9. Friends Checker

This particular Facebook application from creator Pomo allows users of the social networking platform keep track of their friends list, as well as:

  • View changes in one’s friends list
  • See who removes you as a friend
  • Simplistic user interface

8. myChatDroid: Best Free Android Facebook Apps

Bruno Mendola’s myChatDroid sees users have access to a useful chat feature for Facebook’s chat utility. Notable features of the application are:

  • Emoticons included
  • Links are clickable
  • Automatic re-connection

7. Facebook Messenger: Best Free Android Facebook Apps

Get Facebook Messenger to instantly reach friends on their smart phones, feature phones or desktop computers. In addition to sending free texts, you can also:

  • Message friends and contacts.
  • Get started fast — log in with your Facebook account, or just use your phone number
  • Send voice messages, photos, smileys and other emoji
  • Get push notifications

6. Color Themes: Best Android Facebook Apps

With JMT Apps’ Color Themes application for Android devices, one’s Facebook profile can be customized via the deliverance of themes, as well as skills, in addition to the following features:

  • Rasta, Red Wine, Brazil, Aurora Borealis colors
  • Color Chic, Clean Modern, Pink Girl, Dark Light, Tropical colors included
  • Various themes included

5. SimpleChat: Best Android Facebook Apps

Antonio Coschignano’s Facebook chat application is one of the simplistic apps of its kind currently available. Notable features include:

  • Emoticons support
  • Conversations can be cached
  • Friends can be favored

4. Funny Status: Android Facebook Apps

With Funny Status, users of the application can essentially choose from a selection of funny statuses to post on one’s Facebook profile. Features for the app are:

  • Over 1,500 statuses
  • Backwards text tool
  • Featured articles

3. Facebook: Best Facebook Android Apps

Facebook themselves have created the official application based on their social networking platform for Android-powered devices. Features entail:

  • Check friends’ profile
  • Post updates
  • View messages

2. FriendCaster :Best Android Facebook Apps

FriendCaster is one of the complete Facebook applications currently available in the market. In addition to photo editing and effects, the application features:

  • Dark and light themes
  • Add and remove Facebook friends
  • View events and groups

1. Go!Chat:Best Free Android Facebook Apps

SpartanBit’s Go!Chat has emerged as arguably the best chat application for Facebook. In addition to a clean user interface, the application features:

  • Secure Facebook login
  • Facebook notifications feature
  • Share images, as well as location