Facebook is already a great website in regards to its interface,¬†functionality¬†and features. However, to further enhance such entities and its related experiences by a user, there’s a variety of tips and tricks that could be implemented. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best Facebook tips and tricks.

10. Removing advertisements:

Advertisements can be an annoyance to a percentage of Facebook users. Fortunately, they can be removed via the installation of a greasemonkey script entitled Facebook Cleaner.

9. Photo album in a slide-show:

Ever get tired of browsing through images within one’s Facebook album? To turn it into a slide-show all you have to do is visit the slideshow application page in order to activate it. Once done, a Play and Stop option will be displayed in an album.

8. Appearing offline from certain friends:

Within Facebook chat you can appear offline for certain friends. Firstly, create a list and name it, for example, ‘Unwanted Friends’ and then you’ll have to drag the friend into the list. Finally, navigate to the slider option and click the ‘Go Offline’ option.

7. Favorite music section importance:

Facebook users should always carefully consider what they should input into their favorite music section due to the fact that one’s musical preferences and taste can say an awful lot about that user.

6. Downloading Facebook videos:

Facebook videos are a somewhat chore to download with the way it was designed. However, with DownFacebook users can download any video from the social networking service they wish by simply inputting the video’s URL.

5. Scheduling updates:

If you wish to schedule an update on Facebook that would be showed at a specified time to your friends, Sendible allows users to carry out exactly that.

4. Exporting Facebook events to Google Calender:

With this greasemonkey script, Facebook users can export any and all of their events stored on the social networking platform onto Google Calender.

3. Flickr to Facebook uploader:

Flickr is a great platform for the uploading of images; this application allows users who wish to upload their images to Facebook via the utilization of Flickr.

2. Facebook auto-poke:

With this particular greasemonkey script, if one of your friends or family poke you on your Facebook profile the script will poke them back automatically.

1. Facebook chat on one’s desktop:

ChitChat have delivered a great tool that sees Facebook’s chat utility integrated into one’s desktop. The application allows users to access and utilize Facebook chat from the comfort of their own desktop whilst retaining all of the features the website’s chat client has such as emotions, etc.