First Twitter has introduced the twitter’s 2012 year in review service for its users to give them best moments of tweets from 2012 and then Google introduced Zeitgeist 2012: year in review for its users revealing the world’s most popular people, events, and media of 2012. Now, This time its turn for the world’s largest social networking site Facebook with its one billion active users to give its loyal users the new year surprise i.e Facebook year in review 2012.

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If you have spent a lot of time on internet during 2012 then this year the result won’t be much of surprises. Here are the some of the official words from the Facebook itself:

” Today we’re releasing Facebook’s Year in Review, a look back at the people, moments and things that created the most buzz in 2012 among the billion people around the world on Facebook.

We took the pulse of the global community on Facebook in 2012 to assemble a series of trend lists, chronicling the top events, the most popular public figures, the most listened to songs on Facebook and more. These lists are available on Facebook Stories at

Additionally, you can access your own Year in Review on timeline. By going to, you can see the 20 biggest moments from your own year, including life events, highlighted posts and your most popular stories.”



Facebook has also come up with some lists of the top ten US trends of the year 2012. Under tech category, Instagram and Timeline take the number one and number two spots, with Pinterest and Draw Something in the third and fourth spots respectively. It’s only when you get to fifth place when a piece of hardware grabs the spotlight – Apple’s iPhone 5 – and the Kindle Fire is right behind it in sixth position. You can also check out the more categories on Facebook stories.

If you want to get your own year in review the just simply visit with sign-in with your account username, you can see a personalized list of what Facebook thinks were your top 20 moments of 2012. It’s a nice touch, especially among the countless impersonal “best of 2012” lists flying around right now. Do share with us that what are your favourite twenty moments of 2012 by using Facebook year in review service.