Facebook has really changed over the time so as the online marketing strategies which are used to promote products and services and to spread the brand awareness. Now we have timeline as we previously had normal profile view. With the introduction of timeline we have many features at hand now that can be used to market a product or service. Here are 3 facebook marketing trends that are going high these days, you must take a look at the below marketing strategies:

3 Facebook Marketing Trends Going High These Days:

1. Usage of larger photos for products

Timeline design is truly beneficial for online marketers. Nowadays, most of the people are using larger photos for their brands and products to grab the attention of its viewer in at first sight? As to what has been concluded so far and according to different researches that were conducted; online marketers who used larger photos on Facebook got 65% boost in their promotion statistics and because of the photos and videos that were used to brand on Facebook timeline brought good business.

A facebook spokesperson also confirmed this trend (Official):

“Our research shows that posting photos and videos is significantly predictive of shares, comments and likes.”

According to the spokesperson, usage of video and photos has proven to be a great substitute for comments and likes. Because you get enormous shares for your videos and photos from users, then you must avail this opportunity by adding more to it: make its size bigger and see notable difference in your online business.

2. Analyzing Real-Time Data

People used to release an advertising campaign and then evaluate things to confirm that the ads are bringing results or not, in the previous days. Now this has become a 15th century strategy. The latest engagement metrics by Facebook provides instant visibility on your advertisement campaign’s results. A number of brands are utilizing this opportunity to track their campaign and get business day by day.

According to Mr. Schoenfeld:

“Majority of brands are keeping track of their Facebook activities and monitoring them on a regular basis (or weekly basis) to keep things smooth.”

The point here is to do real-time monitoring and evaluating results frequently to boost your business on Facebook.

3. Using timeline (Cover) photo to market products/services

The most common trend on Facebook these days are the brand/product display on timeline cover photo. A number of online marketers and brand owners have concluded a point that large enough photo of your brand on the top of the Timeline (cover place) can perform as a banner for your product page and catch users’ attention at first sight. You will find many fan pages and groups using the same strategy to highlight their products and market them to generate revenue.

As well as using the main photos to introduce a new product/brand, some online marketers are using this free space to improve posts or promotions. Many fan pages have used this free space to place a large status update for letting everyone know about the update or a brand they are introducing to the fans.

These 3 facebook marketing trends are really up these days. Consider using these strategies to market your products/services and gain maximum exposure on Facebook.