Facebook recently announced its brand new App center for iOS, Android and PC users. But we can’t think of its use since we already have the App store giants like Google and Apple so what’s the use of having a Facebook app center and one question is still triggering our mind that will these giants allow an app store to be placed under them or not.

Over 600 apps of collection were included in the App Center when it was launched. All these applications are not new, we are familiar with them and these are by now able to sync with your FB account, but would you want them to?

The same apps are easily available in the Android and Apple App store. So what’s the use of going on the Facebook App Center and downloading the same apps? Actually the major benefit of this Facebook app center is that if you download it on your iOS or Android device, the same apps will be displayed as notifications in your Facebook mobile application. Simply tap on the notification link and it will redirect you to the normal app store on your device hence you can download the application relevant. But users are still needed to go back to the Facebook application to approve the app that was downloaded to his/her iOS or Android device.

As far as its handiness is concerned, I noticed that when you open an application on your facebook app synced device, and if in case any of your FB friends enters this App Center then it will display your friend the apps you use.

With that in mind, this App center is more like a recommendation center than a normal app store. For those who are beginners, this recommendation would be very handy for finding famous apps that he/she might have not been familiar with. There are several application reviews on the internet but this recommendation center may perhaps be the platform where the users can get to know that which app is being used by his/her friends.

Mashable recently made a request for comment and did not get a reply from Facebook officials:

“Is that it? It would seem so.”

Is this what you call amazing or what? Do you think will app giants like Apple App store and Google app store let the Facebook app center reside in them? Share your thoughts with us!