There are many Windows 6.5 Apps are available – but which are the best? We’ve compiled this top 10 list to help you make sure you have the best apps the platform has to offer!

Given the quality design of many of the Windows Mobile 6.5 phones (predominantly those made by HTC) this should come as no surprise. While Windows Mobile looks set to suffer a slow, lingering death in the shadow of the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform, a lot of domestic and business users will nevertheless still be using Windows 6.5 apps for some time to come.

RealPlayer :Windows 6.5 Apps

RealPlayer for Mobile Devices provides a ubiquitous, reliable, and familiar media player experience with the performance to handle all of a consumer’s digital entertainment needs. Whether using the familiar RealPlayer branding or your own custom UI, end users will recognize and appreciate the core features in RealPlayer for Mobile Devices as the same ones found in the popular PC-version of the RealPlayer.

RealPlayer for Mobile Devices is a universal media player that supports playback of popular formats such as Real Media, Windows Media, H264, MPEG4, 3GP, AVI, H263, MP3, and AAC.

Facebook App :Windows 6.5 Apps

New from Windows Mobile: a Facebook application for your phone! Download the new Facebook application for Windows Mobile and:

  • Send messages to any of the people in your Friends list.
  • Take pictures and videos on your phone, then upload them right to Facebook.
  • Send messages or call people in your Friends list.
  • Manage your profile and post anytime, anywhere.

Keep up with the latest news and posts with Facebook on your phone. Now your status updates can be up-to-the moment accounts of what you’re doing. Photos and videos are about as close to live-action as you can get. Show your friends what you’re up to, while you’re out and about.

Connecting and sharing on Facebook just got a lot livelier!

NOTE: This application is available for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, and Greek language versions of Windows operating systems.

WinRAR :Windows 6.5 Apps

Pocket RAR is a version of the RAR archiver for the Pocket PC 2002 platform, it is compatible with Windows Mobile 5. Pocket RAR can compress, decompress and delete files in RAR & ZIP archives. Pocket RAR provides advanced support for RAR archives with solid archiving, multi volume archive support, six different compression levels, Unicode in file names and password protection using 128 bit AES encryption.

Opera Mobile :Windows 6.5 Apps

The HTC HD2 comes with both Internet Explorer mobile and the Opera 9 web-browsers as standard. Both are fine browsers, but for the best browser experience on WinMo 6.5, why not download and install the feature rich and free Opera Mobile 10 browser?

Featuring a much slicker and faster interface than IE or Opera 9, with a “Speed-Dial” home page, I’ve found Opera 10 simply a great browser to use. With multiple (and easily navigable) tabs for web-browsing, and a feature to compress downloads (useful if browsing whilst outside your standard data tariff, say, whilst roaming abroad) it feels clean and snappy in use.

Evernote – Remeber Everything

Evernote is a cross-platform application that allows you to easily capture information in any environment using any platform or mobile device and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere. Some of its cool features include creating notes containing text and audio, it finds printed and handwritten text within images, you can clip web content directly into the Evernote app and it also captures screenshots.

Adobe Reader for mobile devices

Adobe® Reader® is the global standard for reliably viewing, printing, and commenting on PDF documents. It’s the only PDF file viewer that can open and interact with all types of PDF content, including forms and multimedia.

AirScanner Anti Virus

Airscanner is probably the best free antivirus for your Windows mobile device and with the increased wireless connectivity of PDAs and Smartphones comes an increased threat from virus attacks. Its better being safe than sorry.
• Automatic online updates of virus signatures and scanning engine.
• A very advanced, granular scheduler allows you to design your own test plans.
• Easy to use, yet powerful enough to satisfy the most knowledge-hungry power users and network admins.
• Intercept memory resident viruses with an advanced task manager/process killer.
• Detect spyware, Trojans and other malware with expert tools.

CleanRAM :Windows 6.5 Apps

Another vital utility for Windows Mobile 6.5 is CleanRAM, a great way to tidy up unused applications that may not have shut down completely.

CleanRAM effectively does the same to wasted system RAM as a soft reset, and can be used to free up space on your Windows phone, to three increasingly intensive levels. Its one of the best Windows 6.5 Apps.

Mobile Wi-Fi Router

Windows Mobile introduced the concept of “tethering” long before the Apple iPhone, and the platform repeated this with Mobile Wi-Fi Router, a brilliant app that turns your Windows Mobile 6.5 device into a mobile hotspot.

As long as you have a good data connection plan with your mobile network, this app can be easily used to provide your netbook or PC with a wireless internet connection!

MoTweets :Windows 6.5 Apps

There are probably more Twitter apps available for Windows Mobile 6.5 than for any other mobile platform, and almost all of them are excellent applications.

However MoTweets gets into this list due to its excellent user interface which includes all of the standard Twitter functions (Tweeting, direct messaging, retweeting) as well as URL shortening, adding photos, Follow and Unfollow, and even updating your location with GPS.

Available for £2.69 (around $4) from the Windows Phone Marketplace, if you’re a regular Tweeter you shouldn’t miss this app.