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Xbox 360 to Get Internet Explorer 9 With Integrated Support for Kinect

With windows 8 going high, the tech-company want to make a big move or their Xbox 360 and Kinect technology. In addition to the supposed Kinect Play Fit bundle that is thought to make stronger influence on Kinect’s fitness and good proficiency, the tests are being conducted

3 Helpful Chrome Extensions To Clean Up Your Browsing Experience

Internet is a place where you get hundred thousands of search results for just one thing you might be looking. It’s a pile of junk you have to scramble through to get your desired file or information. Sometimes it plunges into my mind that is there anything

Get Wings with Super Fast Mobile Browser – Latest UC Browser 8

The latest swift browser for those who use to browse at their phones, no matter for what phones you are using, the latest UC Browser 8 is available for all Symbian, Java, Blackberry, Android or iPhones. Previous versions of this browser were not supporting many of those

Web Browsers and Their History [INFOGRAPHIC]