The latest swift browser for those who use to browse at their phones, no matter for what phones you are using, the latest UC Browser 8 is available for all Symbian, Java, Blackberry, Android or iPhones. Previous versions of this browser were not supporting many of those devices but now browsing is made more efficient and easy to use at any phone. It is fully loaded with new features, 1,000,000,000+ downloads and 200,000,000+ Users.  UC browser 8 is available in java version; you can download it from here.

UC Browser 8 is upgraded as the users of previous version want it to be, the new refined look and user-friendly interface makes it incomparably fast and comprehensible. Some of its cool features are highlighted below.

  •  Compression Technology of Latest Browser: This advanced technology can reduce data cost upto 85%. It makes your mobile browsing quite cheap. Surfing price has always been an undeniable issue among mobile user. Now this issue is about to get resolved, only you have to switch your default browser to UCBrowser8.
  •  Social Networking Design: UC Browser8 has deeply assimilated with social networking. Users can easily toggle between their browsing and Facebook using the bottom right corner button which is offered for easy networking. Moreover, you can keep yourself with the latest notifications of Facebook. This button can also be used to toggle between different tabs.
  • Multi-Tabbing: This cool feature allows to open as many tabs as you want and to switch between them easily for an improved browsing experience. You are going to love this!
  • Better Downloading Experience: Improved downloading manager allows you pause, resume or retry downloading anytime you want to do it. It helps preventing your downloaded data to lost, if it skips, you can retry downloading the remaining art.
  • Smooth Browsing: UCBrowser 8 comes with a set of options which you can use to do a smooth browsing such as you can define size of each page that loads, by default it is 300k, but you can minimize it. UC browser 8 can be operated using mouse or normal mode.
  • View: You can zoom in any page you want to see clearly. There are some sites which are less easy to navigate so with that adaptive mode, you can us them easily.
  • Data saving option: Another cool feature offered is that you can save files to memory card. Only you have to make sure few things, firstly, see that it isn’t in the root folder, secondly, rename the files if they are in different languages as many phones don’t support different language and in such case, files will not be compatible with your device.
  • Auto URL Completion:When you enter a url in address bar, it gives you options to complete it without bothering your fingers to type more.Your newly installed browser will take around 10-15 seconds until it loads for the first time, but no worries, it happens only the first time you use it. So, fasten your seat belts, you are ready to ride the wind!