Work in the 21st century has actually taken such an upsurge that we cannot achieve anything unless we have planned for it in the right way. Thus, there is a lot of importance given to the fact that one has to have his or her time managed in order to complete the project in time and in that way, make the project even better with the remaining part of the time.

There are certain aspects of effective project management, which include keeping a correct overview of the project that you have in your hand, the main objectives for your project, the way that you wish to use for better results and the result that you wish to have with your project. All these steps involve extreme analyzing of the project, the working conditions and the cost input required. Such stuff is quite difficult to be executed in pen and paper on a larger basis. Thus, Here are 10 free tools for effective project management that might help your cause!

Project Management Tools

10 Free Tools for Effective Project Management:

1.  OpenProj

This is one of the best project management software, which can produce good results if worked with proper care and efficiency! OpenProj has a lot to do with the laying out of the planes and thus in a way it initiates the process of effective project management right from the beginning! According to the user reviews, this online tool might not be easy to use for people with some varied linguistics but once the full working procedure in knowing, the tool offer a great quality of service which can be of great help if explored properly!

2. is also one of the many online project management tools that is found in a downloadable form as well. It requires an internet connection to perform at its best capabilities and result in a perfect utilization of the data. This online tool has been reported to be one of the very best in the works that it does. The management of a project provided by has led to the completion of various numbers of projects in the correct way!

3. GanttProject

GanttProject is yet another online tool for you that allows you to have all the facets of an effective project management therein one place. The online tool will help you with the use of things like charts, graphs, projections, assumptions and as well as predicted results in order to help you out with your project! GanttProject also allows you to share the work and the position of the project with other members of your team.


Just like all the other online tools for effective project management, is yet another tool for the same purpose. According to the many users, there is nothing so very much unknown it it and thus the very property that allows the users to use it freely. There are no such things that you will have to explore in a completely new way. The things that uses is all that you know will help you in your effective project management!

5. Consultcomm

The Consultcomm is also a part of the endless community of online tools that are used for effective project management. There are many things about Consultcomm, which makes it, so very much specially for the users. There are effective demonstration of the issues and the ways out of it. To add to all this, ConsultComm is completely platform independent and its customization is of great ease. According to one review, one user said that if a man can use ConsultComm fully, he would be able to transform his project into the best one.

6. TaskJuggler

TaskJuggler is also one of the online tools for effective project management. The best part of the online tool is the fact that it is one of the simplest tools with a simple interface, which allows the users to gauge the working of the tool with ease. The TaskJuggles will help you out with planning of work, scheduling, accounting of the costs and estimation of future costs and analysis of the results. This is one of the best online tools for the management of business schedules.

7. Collabtive

The collabtive is that online tool that manages your projects effectively but at the same time, it also allows you to host your work to a large number of people all over the globe. What this means is that, Collabtive effectively manages your project and at the same time allows branding of your project and company as well. This extra feature makes it one of the recommended online tool managers for global companies. There are even extra features added to is like reporting on completion of sections of projects and adding plunging into them as well!

8. Feng Office

Feng Office is also another project management tool that allows you to manage your works from anywhere on the earth that you are in. Feng Office is also an online tool that works with the Cloud system. This means that there will never be a stoppage in the work from this online tool. To add to the basic components of online project management, Feng Office has a completely integrated outlook which allows its use anywhere on the earth and any language in order to maintain the growth of your work.

9. ProjectPier

ProjectPier is PHP management software that is used for effective project management by various people all over the globe. It has a terrific web interface that gets your work done in the best possible manner and way that one should do it. It means that you do not have to wait for the extra time required by others in order to complete the additional layers of project management! The ProjectPier also provides free extensive support and hosting facilities for the clients that you have globally. The freedom that the tool gives for the effective management it provides is excellent.

10. RedMine

To be very Precise, Readmine is an online tool designed for successful and effective project management within a short span of time. It is a Ruby based online management tool, which is highly efficient in the project management. The best feature that makes Redmine famous is the fact that it can handle more than one project at a single time. It means that a company can use to for many works at a same time with the same effectiveness.