The pace of technology is reducing the distance between the arrivals of latest gadgets. So the amount of rumors is increasing. Our new rumor is about the favorite topic of new generation, the next iPhone. Rumored by 9 to 5 Mac, one of their most reliable news source has reported that the production process of latest iPhone, or formally called iPhone5.

The source has also elaborated that there are many modals or copies of latest iPhone available now a day which have many slight variations. They all are not the same so we can’t yet anticipate about which shape it is going to take. Neither the rumor sources, nor workers have any idea about it.

Well, we will not leave it completely unrevealed so let’s make a guess. The reporters noted a common feature among all copies or modals available of iPhone5 which is 4 inch display. Quite wide I guess! This is something which is different from iPhone 4S. So it will definitely become longer and wider than the available iPhone 4S.

Well, if the production is started according to the reports, we are expected to get it till coming summer. It will be just in time for WWDC. This is the similar plan which was taken by iphone 4S in previous year.

Definitely we are waiting for the new launch. Those who are crazy about a big display to use their favorite apps will love this new gadget.