Those who have gone through the experience of playing Grand Slam Tennis when it was firstly released, it presented like a cartoony sort of graphics. EA sports games have been quite famous for their professional looks and serious gameplay so it was a bit low than its standard. Now the Grand Slam Tennis 2 is going to be a lot more serious and professional. Its career mode is kind of proficient one and a new control set which is added to the traditional game controls. Also there is something which gives the game a complete authentic look is the veriety of famous clothing brands and official courts to play. Players’ likenesses are involved to give this pack a rich look. Resulted new version will contentedly sit to your expected standard.

Grand Slam Tennis II’s set of professional players is so complete that it includes every single appearance you want to have on your gameplay like Endy Murray, John McEnroe, William sisters and all those. The smooth animation and feature’s detail give you top class standard. The good thing is that not only the features of players are accurate but also their game play styles are authentic. Even everything under the menu screen is 100% accurately professional. What else do you expect? If you will look at the game screen from a little difference, it will give you effect like you are watching a tennis match on TV. WOW! You are guaranteed to feel the excitement and tension of a real tennis match.

You could be a bit confused about the new set of controls added to the game play but it is balanced through the exceptional smoothness and easiness provided to the default settings. The difficulty settings are set quite well you satisfy your professional spirit. If you have ever played tennis games, you definitely have been setting its difficulty level to maximum as the starting levels of career are embarrassingly easy to play. Grand Slam Tennis 2 has overcome the issue by adding professional tension and difficulty to the play. Its career mode is fully packed with rich features. You can craft a character to be an upcoming star of tennis or you may download your own features. There is an ultimate face making tool online for the purpose. Career mode is jam-packed with lots of fun features throwing back the ordinary tennis games. Its details will make you forget every game you have had played before. So get ready to face the nail biting tension of match.

It is in fact a wider game, everything that you may expect from a high level game plot, the improved, polished and superior sequel of Grand Slam Tennis series. And there is still the capacity to get improved but for the time being, it’s the best Tennis Game available.