The PC version of Mincecraft game was a big hit for game lovers who are fond of playing 3D adventuress games. It is a very adventuress game to play on computer and now we have it on our Xbox: 360 edition console. In this game you have to create and destroy different kinds of blocks featuring in a 3D mode. Choose your character and create/destroy blocks, huge structures, form buildings and other structures to compete with other online players on multiplayer mode and make your record in different levels.

The Minecraft: Xbox 360 is truly a sensational game to play that will keep you engaged for a quite few hours. The gaming experience of Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition is a bit different from PC version. This article is a complete game review for Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition.

Exceptional Gameplay: Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Game

This game hosts a lot of gaming features such as enhanced 3D graphics performance and game modes. You have to survive through different levels and make records. You will find yourself right in the middle of the world made up of cube-shaped blocks of different kinds and functionalities. Monsters creep out during night to interrupt you in the shelter building process. You have to defend yourself and your buildings by using a number of survival tools for e.g.: torches, swords and etc.

It’s your job to mine and craft your way through the game and pass different levels. Collect items and resources to enhance your skills and game features. The things you collect will be used to defend yourself against your enemies and build your structures. Some of these structures can be crafted into other items as well.

This magical world will keep you entertained all the way. All you need to do is make combinations of tools which get uncovered by you and use them to create new structures and items. You can also place some of your found resources to grow like for example if you place a planted tree sapling it will grow into a big tree. There is no end to this game you have to go on and on and shape your imaginations into a picture. Create your own castle and items to rule the block-world.


Drawbacks of Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition

On an overall average, the gameplay of the Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition is quite superb but it has got a bit tailored to fit in the console. For example the size of the world has been cut down from its original size that is present in the PC version. You won’t be able to notice it if you are a novice player, a total geek will absolutely notice this difference in one go. Actually it is a cut down version made for Xbox 360 console.

The Xbox 360 edition of this game also lacks deserted mine tunnels, NPC towns and intricate tropical forest biomes which is certainly the biggest drawback for this edition of the game. On average gameplay review, this edition of the game is still adventuress but the complete gaming experience and thrill has been diminished making it a hard choice for advanced users!