The RPG action game by Capcom: “Dragon’s Dogma” is one of the most interesting games I have ever played in my life. It has vigorous action-oriented gameplay and a pioneering Pawn method that allows a player to recruit avatars made by others who are playing to fight next to you. The game offers a wide charming and dangerous world to discover and a big collection of characters to choose from to play as your friends. It’s the perfect game example of varieties and style-mixing within the RPG mode.


  • Real-life fighting scenes against giant monsters
  • New things every now and then to surprise you during the game
  • Special graphics pretending to be a real world
  • Big collection of characters to choose from


  • Boring backtracking during familiar territory
  • Infuriating pawn performance
  • Graphical glitches
  • Weird events related to different quests and stories

Gameplay: Dragon’s Dogma Xbox Game

The real-life combat makes this game worthwhile. It has many innovative game ideas and a true sense of adventure, but it’s furthermore unsophisticated and feels sometimes incongruously depressed.

It is the obstinate and rebellious, magnificent and infuriating game that has nothing to do with the user behavior. You might get frustrated playing this game but there are many other things you’ll rejoice for.

But to keep you engaged, there is a game story, a quest and big collection of characters. The city is weirdly abandoned, and there’s nearly no one living in your area. Get over to the top of mountains and tall building to search for any living organism, but no one is to be found easily.

The combat style of the game is totally the finest part of Dragon’s Dogma. In the start of the game, you need to select a class from fighter, and you can even alter them as you play by. As your chosen character evolves you earn points to upgrade skills that will help you during the fierce combat. You also get magic energy to use during the game and highly-equipped weapons.


With a clear-cut gameplay, Dragon’s Dogma lack at some points. With more focus put on combat and game character development, the overall experience remained unfinished. You will find issues in game graphics and other technical problems that will curse the game play right from the start till the end. Take as if you are seeing a person or an obstacle and when you get near to it, it will vanish and take around 10 seconds to develop/load (this is clearly a graphic glitch).

Many other things you’ll notice will get disappear eventually when you play the game. A number of paraphernalia’s also don’t position nice with the game characters, so you may also notice your gun going through your elbow when fired. These technical glitches are commonly found in this game that may hurt the usability and bounce of many gamers. But if you like the combat style and characters in Dragon’s Dogma over these technical issues then this game is truly a worth playing game.