World-war II game was a big hit in the history of shooting/action games. After the release of World-War II we needed something to refresh and now we have Sniper Elite V2 for a great shooting experience.


  • Real-life bloodlust
  • Enjoyable and creative multiplayer modes
  • Nice features
  • Fabulous X-Ray Kill-Cam
  • Exceptional graphic quality and sound
  • Real-life shooting experience


  • Pretty short campaign; Linear single-player available only
  • Needs more interactivity
  • A bit out-dated graphics
  • Audio technology issues
  • Poor checkpoint system

The Sniper Elite V2 isn’t really a straight substitute to World War II game. The difficulty level in this game is highly tensed keeping you in an extreme pressure and that’s what I actually like about this game. You are more vulnerable to death unlike your enemies so you’ll have a tough time playing this game.

Exceptional gameplay

The extensive game campaign has an elegant combination of war-torn cityscapes developed with planned prospects for killing and stealthy. The gameplay is quite well in terms of real life story depiction such as you can blast the bridges, rescue prisoners from the dungeon; put armored tanks on fire making it a truly thrilling game. Spray a full burst of bullets on your enemies to take revenge and use heavy arms and strategies to take over your enemies. Though a sniper could feel a little clunky because of the fact that your enemies have highly equipped weapons so you’ll have a tough time

Sniper Elite V2 provides an amazingly pleasing gameplay but in reality some of its levels appear a little restricted in scope, in addition to infrequently letting itself behind the covertness front.

In quick difference to the defenselessness you experience during fighting your battle on the ground and under the open sky, the game makes you feel alone and forces you to deal with your death by risking your life. Use the obstacles that come in your way to hide and take cover from your enemies and return fire on them to kill them down. Follow a line of attack and make strategies that will help you to take over your enemies in the shortest amount of time possible. There are different types of modes available in the game that will give you a life time gaming experience. It’s a completely brutal game!

Audio technology issues

The game has some type of audio tech issues that were addressed when I was firing and the echo was doubled and sound a bit weird. The echo levels are a bit bizarre, but however silent sounds are not that hard.


The Sniper elite II game has all the things you need to experience a real life gaming time. The game has artistic visuals and gameplay which keeps you engaged for long. In overall average, the game has excellent quality and superior gameplay. This game is best played in Xbox 360; you’ll love playing this game besides a few compromises on its sound quality.