When one says that the Internet is the best place to be looking up for knowledge and spreading them, I would rather say the Internet also has many other purposes. Have you ever thought that where does these information that you love to see comes from? Who writes this? How does, Google has the answer to all the questions that you ask? The answer is that there is a profession called blogging that is responsible for all these.

Blogging primarily comprises of using the internet in such a way that you earn money through it and at the same time, you do something that is good for the common! The act of Blogging is primarily dependent on the articles that the bloggers write or get it written some writers. However, the major issues of concern in this regard are the authenticity of the work, the quality of writing and the genuineness of the work. Duplicate contents are of no good for the people and not for the bloggers. To the respite, there are many websites that help is checking whether the content is a duplicate content or not! Let’s checkout this list of best sites for checking duplicate content.

12 Best Sites for Checking Duplicate Content

12 Best Sites for Checking Duplicate Content:

  1. Copyscape

As we, all know that looking for original articles on the internet is one of the major criteria for the people who use the internet. Thus, it is the duty of the bloggers to help them with unique articles. However, as it happens more often than not, your data turn out to be copied. This is where Copyscape.com will come to help you out. You can enter the link of the article that you have posted and the system will search for the similar links that are available all over the internet. This takes a small amount of time and gives you the correct results as per your demand. You can also upgrade to the premium version, which will allow you to check the articles word by word.

  1. Virante

This online SEO tool is of great use, but in a completely different manner. The main plus point for the tool is that it gives you a complete round up for the data that is there in your website for the top 1000 blogs all over the internet. In this way, there is a proof that there is nothing similar to the top data and the data in your website. To add to it, the online tool also provides you with the information related to false or similar data and the effects that it can have on your website.

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  1. Webconfs

This online tool is a comparator that compares the pages of two websites, and tells you that whether there is anything similar in both the pages. This is of great use to the bloggers because this allows them to cross – check the data that they are going to put in. As we, all know that there is no use of creating posts, which are not unique, and you will never be able to enroll with it. Thus, it is of great importance that one must check the data and act accordingly.

  1. Dupefreepro

This tool is used with the purpose of checking the internet for duplicate data and at the same time used to manage the works at hand. The premium version of the checker will allow you to much more that the above – mentioned promises. This is one of the most favored online tools by many bloggers as it also provides many other uses other than just checking of duplicate articles. It is extremely easy to use and comes at quite affordable cost.

  1. Plagium

Plagmium.com uses one of the simplest ways to deal with the checking of duplicate data. All one needs to do is enter the data with a maximum limit of 25000 words and then check for the similar articles all over the internet. It is a free tool to use, but you can also donate some amount, if you want to! It is one of the most favored free online articles – checking tool that is available on the internet. The tool is one of the easiest ways to keep the track of your data on the internet free.

  1. Duplichecker

Duplichecker.com is also a part of the many online sites for checking duplicate content and that too free. The tool uses the simplest technique of comparing the data that you input and the data that is available all over the net to perform the search and lets you know whether there is any plagiarism or not? The best part is that the search is made in real time and the results are displayed very quickly, which allows you to get into the frame with the results and help you with your work.

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  1. Article checker

Articlechecker.com is yet another online tool for the checking of articles related to the similar kind of topics that you are writing about!  The logic is simple. The tool checks for the similar data all over the internet and thus return the result based on it. All you will have to do is to paste the data in a text box or designate the URL to be compared and your work will be done. This is also one of the most used online duplicate content checker that is available on the internet!

  1. Plagiarisma

Many people will say that there is nothing so great in the online tool that makes it as one of the best. But the kind of support that it has and the kind of searching that this online tool can do is simple steps is one of the main reasons for which it is one of the most favored tools used by the people. This online tool is also available on Google Play store and for windows for direct use. To add to this, plagarisma.net can also make the comparisons all over the net in different languages as well.

  1. Plagiarism checker

Plagiarismchecker.com can be effectively used for searching the other websites that are copying data from you. Many people might think that what is the harm in it, but what most of the people do not know that it might very well happen that the data gets indexed in Google first for the person who is copying and thus you will be harmed. Thus, this online tool will help you in maintaining a secure structure for your website.

  1. Small SEO Tools

Just like all other online tools that is used to check for duplicate content all over the internet. As it turns out that, there is nothing very special in this online tool. However, the major fact, which makes the tool safe and simple, is the fact that it follows the simplest of the procedures. Simple comparing logic is used and the result is uploaded on that basis as well. Small SEO tools is one of the best in the business because of the quality of service that it gives to its users.

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  1. Plagspotter

Plagspotter.com used the similar technique to compare the similar data that are available on the internet. The system requires the link of the content that you want to check and shows the elaborate result of the source of information that has been used in the article. Plagspotter.com not only used to search for finding duplicate data, but it also allows you to find out the source of information as well. Plagspotter.com is also one of the most used tools used by both bloggers and content writers as well.

  1. Copygator

Copygator.com is one of the simple and useful sites for checking duplicate content that are used online and check that whether the data that is being provided is a copied one or not? Caopygator.com uses the link of the content provided to perform the checking and then displays the result with subjective elaboration of the results derived from the search. Copygator.com also provides real – time support if you install the badge checking your website every single second.