Anything that you wish to do with internet involves the use of words to the best possible extent. There is no actual alternative to the process of sharing your views other than using words to that effect. One has to be very careful in the words that he or she uses in order to achieve what was aimed for. A word cloud is a pattern of writing your words in such a way that there is a design to it as well. Thus, by creating word clouds one can achieve two things: A perfect expression with the words and a sense of beauty created by the cloud. There are many online cloud generators available in the market and here is a list of the top 11 best free online word cloud generators.

1. Wordle

Wordle is one of the most favored cloud text generators as it uses tour words in order to generate different and various designs that can be effectively used for various purposes. The words and the sentences that you provide in as Input in Wordle come out in a layout which is completely different and has a basic sense of class written all over it. There is actually no basic area of limit for Wordle as it can create word clouds literally on everything starting from English notebook cover to Election Slogans, and thus can be used in a much broader aspect.

2. tagCloud generator

tagCloudGenerator is one of the simplest tools on the internet which can be effectively used for the generation of Word Clouds for your website. The online tool is extremely easy to use and only uses the implication HTML coding to embed the tag word cloud in your website. The best part of the tool is that there is nothing so much complicated about the process, which makes tagCloudGenerator, one of the most commonly used and favored tool for the aim of creating a word cloud. The process and the result are all a part of a simple process and thus, tagCloudgenerator is one of the best word cloud generators.

3. ImageChef

ImegeChef is one of the high – tech online tools that has many uses and creating a word cloud is one of them. Nevertheless, the efficiency with which a word cloud is created with ImageChef makes the user to come back to the website repeatedly.  The way in which your words are depicted and the layout must make the scene a picture perfect one. To add to this, many other features can be used from this online tool. The effectiveness of this tool is such that it is rated as one of the best by the users.

4. ABCya

ABCya is one of the simplest online word Cloud Generators. The Tool is designed for the people who are new at the art and require some time to get on with the skills. This is one of the perfect online tools for kinds and for some cool school and banner stuffs. The tool does not find a great deal of application in the case of official issues, but there are a lot of implications for the officers and their kids. ABCya is one of the most commonly used tools with kids due to the ease and simplicity that it has!

5. Tagul

Tagul is also one of the members of the many online word cloud generator tools that are used effectively for the creation of word clouds for your use. Word clouds are of great importance in the present times because of the fact that they are one of the best means to send out your words to the public and that too in a way that the people do not get bored and doze away. There is a unique interest attached to the creation and reading of Word clouds which makes the word clouds generated by Tagul all the more favorable.

6. To Cloud

The main area of work by ToCloud is the process by which this online tool creates clouds of words for your use. ToCloud uses the text inputted by you to the best possible way and thus creating a simple and yet at the same time one of the most simple Word Clouds. There is not a lot of critical things about ToCloud. It uses simple fonts and colors to create the Word Cloud and uses it to the best effect for the users. All one has to do is to input the text and the other details like the colors to be used, etc. And then wait for the generation of the word cloud.

7. WordItOut

WordItOut is one of the many online tools for creation of word Clouds that can be used in many different ways and for many other uses as well. Word Clouds are generally used for promotional stuffs and other things like gifts and banners for creating events. They are used by owner of the websites for the creation of designs to portray the information in an attractive manner. WordItOut is one of the simplest tools for the purpose and it is extremely easy to use as well.

8. Tagxedo

The tuxedo has been yet another Online Word Cloud Generator, which can be extensively used for creation of Word Clouds out of simple and straightforward texts storing information about the topic. The best utility part of the Word Cloud Generator is the fact that all it requires is the Text to me inputted or taken from some other online section for use. Once the data are given into the system, TagXedo will provide you with exclusive and great images of Word Clouds pertaining to the information provided. You can surely use the Word Clouds in any part of your work as suited.

9. TagCrowd

TagCrowd is one of the simplest online word cloud generator tool. The simple way that is used by TagCrowd makes this one of the simplest Word Cloud Generator and at the same time extremely easy to use as well. The main requirements of the Tool are Words that need to be written down by you and TagCrowd will create an outstanding Word Cloud for you. You can use it anywhere that you want to and thus creating a completely different sense of atmosphere around your work!

10. Wordsift

WirdSift has a very simple pattern of work. All one needs to do with Wordsift is the that you will have to input a certain array of words according to your needs and requirements and Wordsift will design the Word Cloud for you like it were one of the greatest designs that one has ever seen. The main game is about the correct jumbling of words and highlighting the right ones at the right place. There are not a lot of features added to WordSift as this is the main thing that keeps WordSift clean and refreshed with new ideas.

11. VocabGrabber

VocabGrabber has been yet another online word cloud generator tool for the creation of Word Clouds in order to make sure that there is nothing duplicate in the cloud of words that you are using for your work. Ford VocabGrabber to work one has to put in the sentence or the words that he wants to see rewritten and recreated with an all new era and it will be done.